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According to the text what did Chief Officers conclude were the four basic tasks they listed a new officer had to do well?

1) beginning of shift report
2) notifications
3) decision making
4) problem solving


James O Page divided the company officer duties into which 3 distinct roles?

1) Supervisor
2) commander
3) trainer


The company level officer plays a key role in developing firefighter competencies. James O Page makes what 3 specific recommendations to assist fire officers in this task?

1) develop a personal library
2) know the neighbourhood
3) use problem solving scenarios


According to the text, every fire officer has an obligation to work effectively with a supervisor. What 3 activities are necessary to ensure a good working relationship?

1) keep your supervisor informed
2) make appropriate decisions at your level of responsibility
3) consult with your supervisor before making major disciplinary actions of policy changes.


According to the text what are Actionable Items?

Employee behaviours that require an immediate corrective action by the supervisor.


Sexual harassment is defined as:?

Unwanted, uninvited and unwelcome attention and intimacy in a non-reciprocal relationship. Abuse of power is an essential component of this.


The EEOC guidelines state that verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature is harassment when what 4 conditions are present?

1) employee is made to feel that they have to endure such treatment to remain employed
2) whether the employee submits to or rejects such treatment is used when making employment decisions
3) the employees work performance is affected
4) an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment is present


According to the text the Fire Officer can help maintain an appropriate work environment by encouraging and enforcing acceptable behaviour where firefighters are on duty. The fire officer accomplishes this by taking what 3 steps?

1) educate employees on workplace rules and refs that define expected behaviour
2) promote the use of on-duty speech
3) be the designated adult


According to the Terminology of Command SOG, what is the purpose of Fire Control requesting a Status Update?

The information is used by FC to determine the need to cover a station.


According to the Terminology of Command SOG, who assumes overall authority at an emergency scene?

A senior officer (Fire Chief, Deputy, Platoon Chief). They may not take over command, however they may assist the IC.