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According to the SCBA SOG, under what 2 conditions may personnel not be on SCBA when in the Hot Zone?

1) when the hot zone has Bennet ventilated and cooled for 24 hrs
2) when the IC has deemed the wearing of SCBA optional


According to the SCBA, in service cleaning SOG, what is the purpose of this SOG?

To provide instruction on in-service cleaning of SCBA - to minimize the spread of possible contaminants in the workplace and external sites.


According to the SCBA in service cleaning SOG, what are the 10 steps in the cleaning of the SCBA air pak?
Note: using universal protection (Nitrile gloves, N95 mask, goggles).

1) remove SCBA from service
2) remove regulator and face-piece
3) remove air cylinder
4) install plastic cap onto threads, wash cylinder with soapy water
5) rinse with clean water
6) dry cylinder with clean cloth
7) wipe down straps, frame, air lines, pressure reducers w/ soapy water
8) rinse with clean water
9) wipe down assembly with clean dry cloth
10) check SCBA for any damage


According to the SCBA in service cleaning SOG, what are the 9 steps in cleaning the mask mounted regulator?

1) remove regulator from mask
2) remove obvious dirt and debris from surface with warm soapy water and rinse with clean water
3) inspect inner surface of regulator (if damaged or excess dirt or soiling , remove from service, tag and send to maintenance)
4) depress air/saver switch, close purge knob
5) disinfect/sanitize regulator by spraying minimum ‘6’ full pumps of disinfectant in regulator opening
6) shake excess liquid out (allow ‘10’ minutes of contact time before rinsing)
7) rinse with gently running tap water
8) shake excess water out
9) completely dry regulator


According to the SCBA in service cleaning SOG, how can you speed the drying of the regulator?

By using a hand held hair dryer on the ‘no heat’ setting. Never use shop air or other air containing lubricants.


According to the SCBA in service cleaning SOG, what are the 6 steps when cleaning the SCBA Face Piece?

1) spray 3 full pumps on inside and 3 full pumps on outside of properly diluted disinfectant - allow 10 mins of contact time
2) rinse with clean drinking water
3) shake off excess water, and dry with clean cloth
4) help drying with blow dryer, no heat. Never use paper towel
5) re-install face piece to regulator
6) return to service


According to the SCBA Air Management SOG, what are the 6 rules of air management?

1) air management is critical to health and safety of personnel
2) check SCBA at start of each shift, if not full - change
3) be aware of air supply as well as that of crew at all times while in the Hot Zone
4) exit from IDLH atmosphere before consumption of reserve air begins
5) take immediate action upon low air alarm, notify the crew to exit IDLH immediately and notify the IC
6) all personnel responsible to report low-air warning on a scene to the IC as it may be an indication that a crew member is in trouble


According to the Air Management SOG, proper air management is the best way to ensure what?

Proper air management ensures adequate air supply for the duration of the work assignment while still leaving time to exit the dangerous environment.