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According to the Use of 4 Gas Detector SOG, personnel should consider the use of the Detector on any indoor medical assist call to rule out the presence of CO and other toxic gases. What 7 medical incidents should prompt detector usage?

1) unknown
2) trouble breathing
3) unconscious
4) nausea
5) vomiting
6) VSA
7) feeling “unwell”


According to the 4 Gas Detector SOG, what is the process and how should readings be taken, when taking readings in an unknown area.

Personnel taking readings should move slowly to allow detector to react, and take readings above the head, at waist level and at the ground level.


According to the 4 Gas Detector SOG, what are the 5 possible explanations to explain the 4 Gas Detector showing readings of 0PPM while home detector continues to alarm?

1) home detector oper norm and has accumulated CO over a period of time, resulting in alarm condition
2) if area ventilated since exposure, the 4 Gas Detector may not encounter any CO
3) faulty home detector, check expiry day
4) 4 Gas detector may be faulty (mis-calibrated)
5) false alarm due to cross-sensitivity of other chemicals (consider a HAZMAT response)


According to the Portable Radios Inspection and Maintenance SOG, what is the purpose of the SOG?

To establish a guideline to maintain and trouble shoot User Gear Equipment.


According to the Portable Radios Inspection and Maintenance SOG, when grease or grime is visible on the portable radio what is the cleaning procedure ?

Apply 0.5% dish detergent - water solution sparingly with a stiff, non-metallic, short bristled brush to work all loose dirt from the radio.
Use a soft, absorbent, lint free cloth or tissue to remove the solution and dry the radio.


According to the Portable Radios Inspection and Maintenance SOG, what are the 8 Troubleshooting steps before sending a portable in to Communications for Repair?

1) antenna is in good condition (no visible wires, cracks or bends)
2) battery has a charge
3) remote microphone is securely fastened to the portable
4) remote mic has a clean contact
5) remove remote mic to distinguish if it is the source of problem
6) perform radio test with COMM without remote mic
7) if problem is remote mic, remove it and sent only it for replacement
8) complete a defective report with all equipment sent for repair


According to the Missing/Defective Non-Disposable Medical Equipment SOG, non-disposable Medical Equipment shall include what 11 items?

1) BP cuff and gauge
2) defibb
3) defibb/suction unit bag
4) suction unit
5) finger probe
6) pulse oximeter
7) suction bag/liner
8) O2 cylinder regulator
9) stethoscope
10) trauma medical bag
11) airway medical bag


According to the CO Detector Activation SOG, what are the 9 potential sources of Carbon Monoxide?

1) Car running in garage
2) Operating BBQ in enclosed area like a garage
3) gas or wood fireplace burning
4) blocked chimney opening
5) portable heater
6) improperly installed kitchen range or cook top vent
7) corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe
8) cracked heat exchanger in furnace
9) leaking chimney pipe or flue