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According to Fire Department as an Organization, in order to achieve its objectives a Dept must apply 5 organizational guidelines which are:

1) Divide the work (into divisions ie Training, Firefighting)
2)Provide authority and responsibility
3) Maintain Unity of Command (ie FF rec orders from Captains)
4) Maintain a realistic span of control (manageable level - 5 persons)
5) Maintain coordination at all levels


According to the Training Manual, the V-Com system was originally designed for what agencies?

- Region of Peel works
- Caledon Fire


In 2009 the V Com system also included?

- City of Mississauga
- Mississauga Transit
- Brampton Hydro
- Canadian Border Services


What are the major advantages in developing a joint communications system?

- economics
- sharing frequencies
- sharing costs of infrastructure, facilities and maintenance
- Improved inter agency comm. in emerg situations
- improved usability such as user accessibility
- provide a system capable of accommodating future growth of the participating agencies
- ability to add other agencies to the system


Relative strength of radio signal is reported back to the caller using what numeric values, and what is their presumed meaning?

1 - Unreadable (signal very weak)
2 - Readable now and then
3 - readable but with difficulty
4 - readable
5 - perfectly readable


According to Radio Terminology what is the meaning of “Available”

Indicates a piece of apparatus is ready to respond to another call, if needed, but is not leaving the scene at this time.


According to Communications: transmitting techniques, the lips of the operator should not be more than how far from the microphone?

One inch.


What are the 8 steps in communications when answering an alarm?

1). Advise Comm you are leaving Stn, and your destination.
2) advise on scene, short report of situation as you see
3) Report problem or extent of fire asap, request add res/assistance
4) Driver of 1st apparatus to advise Comm of arival of other services
5) Advise on benchmarks (primary all clear, fire under control etc)
6) advise when any additional apparatus can be made available
7) advise when leaving the scene
8) advise when back in station, ready or not for service


According to IC and Management, firefighters work at what level?

At the task level.


According to the Unity of Command why should it be utilized and how does it help officers and firefighters

Unity of Command should be utilized to make the individual more productive and efficient. Unity of Command thus channels direction and accountability for a company member to one company officer.


Define span of control

Span of control is the limit one person can effectively manage.


The rule of thumb for the fire service is that an officer can effectively manage how many individuals.

An officer can effectively supervise 5-6 individuals.


What are the 5 factors that affect the number of people being supervised?

1) the ability and experience of the officer
2) the ability and experience of the firefighters
3) the nature of the task
4) the relationship of task being performed by one individual to the tasks being performed by other individuals
5) the stability and competence of the organization


At what level does the Incident Commander operate?

The IC operates at the strategic level.


According to the Tranining Manual a strategic level or strategy is defined by?

The management of the Offensive / Defensive decision by the IC. This critical decision:
- regulates operational control
- establishes objectives
- sets priorities
- allocates resources


An effective operation centres around one IC, if there is no command or mult commanders then operations break down in what 7 ways?

1) Action
2) Command and Control
3) coordination
4) planning
5) organization


What is the solution when Command breaks down in ACTION (wrong actions, improper hose streams)

Solution: having a single commander to structure action around tactical set of guidelines that all ff’s follow.


What is the solution when command breaks down in COMMAND AND CONTROL: (no command or multi command)?

Solution: The IC must show strong early visible command.


What is the solution when Command breaks down in COORDINATION: (crews must be centred into a central game plan)

Solution: all tasks must be coordinated through the IC to get maximum productivity for all avail resources working together.


What is the solution when command breaks down in PLANNING (effective ff requires a plan)

Solution: the IC has to combine and effective pre plan with reconnaissance and info processing on the fire ground to develop and update one plan.


What is the solution when command breaks down in ORGANIZATION: (no overall game plan)

Solution: the IC must develop the plan and establishes the roles and functions for everyone on the fire ground


What is the solution when command breaks down in COMMUNICATIONS?

Solution: the IC must use an SOG to support communications and allow information flow at all levels.


What is the solution when command breaks down in SAFETY:(injuries affect entire operation)

Solution: the IC uses a safety policy to command, manage and control the positions and functions of all crews at a scene.


What are the 3 ROLES of the IC?

1) direct ops and choose command over action and working from a strategic level
2) to move towards the correct action
3) operate in a clinically calm manner by looking and acting professional


What are the 4 responsibilities of the IC?

1) protect, remove and provide care for endangered citizens
2) provide for firefighting safety and survival
3) must stop the fire
4) conserve property during and after fire control ops.


What is the only way an IC can properly carry out their functions is to be well trained in what 3 things?

1) Decision making
2) command and control
3) review and evaluation


To have effective command and control the IC must consider what four areas of management?

1) stress management
- delegate and reduce # of subordinates you are dealing with, makes for easier control, reduces stress on IC. Reduces stress on officers by limiting responsibility to assigned tasks.
2) Lone Ranger Management
- be ready to act as a single commander, must delegate and allow officers to operate at their highest level
3) Midpoint Management
- prepared to inherit ongoing scenarios
4) Scarce Resource Management
- must keep abreast of resources available


How should command be positioned?

In a conspicuous and predictable location, which affords the IC a good view of area involved. It should be in an area, which affords the IC view of 3 sides of the building or a view, which allows for max effectiveness. Must not impede apparatus movement.


What are the 10 advantages of the Command Post?

1) stationary position
2) quiet place
3) a vantage point
4) inside lighting
5) a place to write and record
6) more powerful radios
7) ref and preplans
8) protection from weather
9) space for staff
10) Computers


Sectoring allows the IC to do what 3 things?

1) divide command
2) reduce stress
3) maintain control