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According to Memo 14-29, what two major changes took place during fire service realignment in November 2014?

Training Division to report now to the Deputy Fire Chief (Operations), and Fire Life Safety and Education will now report to Division Chief of Fire Prevention.


Accounting to memo 14-30, as of what date is the use of the Fire Pole at station 207 strictly forbidden by all non-fire department personnel?

November 10, 2014


According to memo 16-26, as staff of the corporation of Brampton, we must follow the rules as set out in which 4 Corporate Policies?

1) employee code
2) conflict of interest
3) confidentiality
4) information technology use


According to memo 17-24, when will OPP not attend an MVC on 400 series hwys?

From 0800-2000 when there is only property damage involved.


According to memo 17-24, the OPP will attend MVCs on 400 series hwys 24 hours per day for what 7 reasons?

1) collision involves injury or death
2) criminal activity is involved in the collision
3) collision involves federal, provincial or municipal vehicles
4) vehicle is transporting dangerous goods
5) involves a driver who is uninsured or is a suspended driver
6) involves damage to private, municipal or hwy property
7) involves bicycles or pedestrians


According to memo 13-01, what are the 3 recommended steps to take if you feel more attention is required after dealing with a patient with a suspected mental health issue?

1) provide courteous, helpful service appropriate to needs of customer
2) advise customer that you see a need you believe requires additional help and advise them that you will start the process of contacting that service
3) contact the Division of Fire Life Safety providing them the details of the customer including their location, contact info and particular issues


According to memo 15-04, for incidents where multiple trucks are responding and the 1st truck no longer requires additional vehicles, how will Fire Control be advised by Command?

Command will advise Fire Control to “Cancel all other vehicles”


According to memo 15-04, if trucks are still required but not on an emergency basis how will Command advise Fire Control?

Command will advise Fire Control to “Continue Non-Emergency”


According to memo 15-07, as of what date will Fire Fighting be using Automated CAD Move Ups?

As of April 20th, 2015.


According to the Fireworks ByLaw, no person shall sell or offer for sale, buy or offer to buy any permitted fireworks except on what 5 occasions?

1) NYE
2) Victoria Day
3) Canada Day
4) Diwali
5) the 7 days preceding those 4 occasions