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Describe the four phases included in the System Model of Training.

Phase 1:
Needs Assessment
-organization analysis
-task analysis
-person analysis

Phase 2:
-Instructional objectives
-trainee readiness
-learning principles

Phase 3:
-off-the-job methods
-management development

Phase 4:
-behaviour (transfer)


List the KSOA cometencies.

Knowledge is what a person needs to know to do a particular job.

Skill is what a person is able to do on the job.

Ability is a person’s aptitude of capability to do job tasks or learn to do job tasks. It is a person’s potential to develop skills. Most skills require one or more abilities. The skill of using power tool requires several abilities, including hand-eye-coordination.

Finally, other personal characteristics include anything relevant to the job that is not covered by the other three.


What are forms of T&D?




What are on-the-job-training methods?

-Job rotation/enrichment/enlargement
-Special projects
-Experience – learning-by-doing
-Computer based training (CBT)


What are off-the-job-training methods?

-Sensitivity training
-Behaviour modelling
-Courses and lectures
-Conferences, seminars, workshops
-Straight lectures
-Selected reading
-In basket exercise
-Business games
-Case-study method
-Simulation exercises
-Computer based training (CBT)


Describe how T&D programs can be evaluated according to the Kirkpatrick model.

Level 1 - Reactions
Objective: Measure participants immediate satisfaction with the programme
Mechanism of evaluation: full review of each component of the programme

Level 2 - Knowledge
Obejctive: Measure changes in knowledge, skills & attitudes
Mechanism of evaluation: academic achievements and attendance records

Level 3 - Behaviours
Objective: Measure change in on the job behaviour
Mechanism of evaluation: pre and post programme feedback against the capabilities defined for the programme

Level 4 - Results
Objective: Measure business impact of change
Mechanism of evaluation: assessment of the impact of projects completed as part of the programme