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What are methods for identifying qualified candidates?

Biographical methods:
-Application documents (CV,…)
-Biographic interviews
-Biographic questionnaires

Situation methods:
-Work sample
-Situational interview
-Situational (judgement) tests

Personality-oriented methods:
-Competency tests
-Personality tests
-Motivation or interest tests

Multiple/mixed methods:
-Assessment center
-Multi-modal interview


What is the concept of "Realistic Job Preview"?

-Idea: increase effectiveness of recruitment efforts
-Informing applicants about all aspects of the job, including bot its desirable and undesirable facets
Positive study results:
-Improved employee satisfaction
-Reduced voluntary turnover (for new hires)
-Enhanced communication through honesty and openness
-Realistic job expectations (fewer unpleasant surprises)


What are assessment methods for selection and placement?

-Psychological tests
+(cognitive) ability tests
+Knowledge and skill tests
+Personality test
+Emotional intelligence tests
+Integrity tests
+Vocational interests tests
-Biographical information (application, CV, Interview, questionnaire, background and reference checks)
-Interviews (unstructured, structured, situational, behavioural)
-Work samples
-Biodata, drug test, medical tests
-Assessment centers