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What is the definition of "Onboarding"?

Employee Onboarding refers to the process of welcoming and equipping new employees in a way that helps in improving overall retention, productivity and growth of the organization. It is much more than a standard induction process. This process aims at molding & fashioning employees to become familiar with their new workplace in a structured and timely fashion and bringing them “on board” with regard to company culture, understanding of job function and overall comfort level.


How is the process of "Induction" defined?

Induction is the formal process of acclimatizing a newcomer to an organization. Typically, it involves an introduction to the organization by a senior manager; a guided tour of the workplace; introductions to co-workers and managers; an explanation of health and safety procedures; the completion of employment documentation, for payroll, pensions, etc.; a discussion with a personnel specialist (or the line manager) about employment policies and procedures (appraisal, grievance, equal opportunities, etc.) and a discussion with the line manager about the expectations ad requirements of the job and the immediate training needs. If a trade union is recognized, the newcomer will be introduced to their representative and provided with information about joining the trade union. Induction can last from several hours to a week, depending on the complexity of the work organization and job responsibilities.


What are possible ways to structure an onboarding concept?

general: introduction, main part, end

structuring by time:
-pre-entry phase
-entry phase
-post-entry phase

structuring by content:
-getting to know colleagues/company

structuring by organizational structure:
-task for corporation
-task for department
-task for team
-workplace organization

structuring by type of job/hierarchy
-onboarding for C-levels
-onboarding for technical/commerical/producing...staff
-onboarding for supervisors
-onboarding for interns/trainees


How can you integrate Equal Employment Opportunities in HR Recruitment & Onboarding to help foster a more diverse workforce?

-job advertisment
-screening resumes
-job interviews
-negotiating salary

-getting to know the organization
-getting to know the colleagues
-becoming part of a tema
-participating in company activities
-participation in wokr-related decisions