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What is Job Analysis?

Job Analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs by determining the duties, tasks or activities of those jobs.


What is the use of Job Analysis?

Job Description


What is to design in the area of Job Design?

-workplace and environment
-task design
-job enrichment
-job enlargement
-job rotation


What's the basis for Job Design?

-organizational objectives for the job (tasks, duties, responsibilities)
-industrial engineering (efficient prduction processes & work-method improvements)
-behavioural concerns (reflected in the different talents, abilities & skills of employees)
-ergonomic considerations (human capabilties & limitations)


What is horizontal job rotation?

Horizontal job rotation occurs when an employee is given an opportunity in a different position in a short-term lateral position.


What is vertical job rotation?

Vertical job rotation occurs when the organization promotes an employee to a new position.


What are advantages & disadvantages of job rotation?

Advantages: eliminates boredom, encourages development, gives employees a break from strenuous job duties, helps to identify where employees work best, gives you a backup plan if an employee leaves

Disadvantages: can be costly and time consuming, could end up with disgruntled employees, wont fix all problems, might not be feasible, business could suffer