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Which three psychological states are there for improved work performance, internal motivation and lower absenteeism and turnover, according to the Job Characteristics Model?

1. The employee experiences meaningfulness of the work performed.
2. The employee experiences responsibility for work outcomes.
3. The employee has knowledge of the results of the work performed.


What are the five Job Dimensions to produce the three desired psychological states of the Job Characteristics Model?

Skill variety: the degree to which a job entails a variety of different activtities, which demand the use of a number of different skills and talents by the jobholder

task identity: the degree to which the job requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work, that is, doing a job from beginning to end with visible outcome

task significance: the degree to which the job has a substantial impact on the lives or work of other people

autonomy: the degree to wihich the job provides substantial freedom, independence and discretion to the individual in scheduling the work and in determining the procedure to be used in carrying it out

feedback: the degree to which carrying out the work activtities results in the individual being given direct and clear information about the effectiveness of his or her performance


What are the outcomes of the JCM?

high internal work motivation, high "growth" satisfaction, high general job satisfaction, high work effectiveness