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How and where can you find employees (external)?

-Unsolicited applications and resumes
-Internet recruiting
-Employee referrals
-Executive search firms
-Educational institutions
-Professional associations
-Labour unions
-Public employment agencies
-Private employment and temporary agencies
-Employee leasing


What belongs to the selection process?

-phase of self-selection
-phase of pre-selection (based on application documents)
-phase of final selection (interview, assessment)


What are examples for job description wording?

Male-biased phrasing:
-Change “we’re looking for strong…” to “we’re looking for exceptional…”
-Change “who thrive in a competitive atmosphere…” to “who are motivated by goals…”
-Change “candidates who are assertive…” to “candidates who are go-getters…”
Female-biased phrasing:
Change ”we are a community of concerned…” to “we are a team focused on…”
Change “have a polite and pleasant style…” to “are professional and courteous…”
Change “nurture and connect with customers” to “provide great customer service”


What are ten ways to remove gender bias from job descriptions?

1. Use gender neutral titles.
2. Check pronouns.
3. Avoid (or balance) your use of gender-charged words.
4. Avoid superlatives.
5. Limit the number the requirements.
6. Reconsider your major requirements.
7. Express your commitment to equality and diversity.
8. Let your values shine.
9. Promote volunteer and employee activities.
10. State your family-friendly benefits.


What is described by the term "screening resumes"?

Screening resumes is the process of sorting resumes to disqualify candidates using successively more detailed examinations of resumes. The objective is to locate the most qualified candidates for an open job. While some of this can be done with the aid of automation and computers, there are skills and techniques that help quickly eliminate unqualified candidates.