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Second Chakra

Svadisthana Physical: sex organs, hips, sacrum Meaning: "Her Favorite Standing Place" or "sweetness" Color: orange Essence: dreams, emotions, water Governs: intimacy, creativity, adventure, movement, pleasure, connection, emotion, sensuality Bija Mantra (seed sound): VAM


What are some postures that awaken/empower the fifth chakra?

Fish pose, Camel, Reverse Warrior (gaze upward), Lion’s breath


Sixth Chakra

Ajna Physical: forehead, space between eyebrows, third eye Meaning: command center Color: Indigo violet Essence: beyond pulsation, transcendence of all dualistic realities Governs: intuition, knowledge, humility, clear sight, relationship with the teacher in all things, relationship with time Bija Mantra (seed sound): OM


What are some postures that awaken/empower the first chakra?

Tadasana, Warrior I. Draw attention to Mulabandha (Pelvic Floor Lock). Work from the feet upwards when you cue.


What are Nadis?

Channels in the subtle body through which prana (life force energy) flows. 72,000 nadis in the body. 3 Nadis--Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala--spiral around spinal column. The points at which these 3 nadis intersect are chakras.


Fifth Chakra

Vishudda Physical: cervical spine, neck, throat, thyroid gland, tongue, vocal cords, jaw Meaning: Pure Color: light blue Essence: ether Governs: truth and authentic voice, communication, self-mastery and self-control, integrity, honesty Bija Mantra (seed sound): HAM


What are some postures that awaken/empower the seventh chakra?

Headstand, Rabbit pose, Embryo pose


Seventh Chakra

Sahasara Physical: Space between the crown and several inches above the head. Pineal gland and skull. Meaning: thousandfold, or thousand-petals Color: violet, white, light Essence: only unconditional love exists--the soul search is over; everything just is. Governs: relationship with the divine, understanding Bija Mantra (seed sound): Silent OM


Fourth Chakra

Anahata Physical: heart center, lungs, thoracic spine Meaning: "Unstruck" Color: green Essence: selflessness, working for the welfare of others Governs: compassion, selfless service, attitude towards giving and receiving, understanding others, empathy, unconditional love Bija Mantra (seed sound): YAM


First Chakra

Muladhara Physical: base of spine, pelvic floor, feet/legs Meaning: Root Color: Red Essence: earth, waking state Governs: home, food, water, basic needs, parents, family relationships Bija Mantra (seed sound): LAM


What are some postures that awaken/empower the third chakra?

Core work, Warrior, Twists, Tree, Crow


What are some postures that awaken/empower the fourth chakra?

Heart Openers, Camel, Bridge, Dancer’s


What are Chakras?

Chakras are energetic clusters in the subtle body. While there are many of these points in the body, there are seven major chakras located along the spinal column. Each chakra represents a basic level of human consciousness.


Third Chakra

Manipura Physical: Abdominals, lumbar spine, detox organs (stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas) Meaning: "Jewel in the City" or "Sparkling Jewel" Color: yellow Essence: ego identity Governs: confidence, self-esteem, personal power, how we are seen by others, our personal role in society Bija Mantra (seed sound): RAM (name of the divine)


What are some postures that awaken/empower the second chakra?

Hip Openers, Warrior II, Prasarita, Happy Baby


What are some postures that awaken/empower the sixth chakra?

Child’s Pose, forehead to knee poses, Namaste