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Table Top

Cues: Begin Hands and Knees, Wrists directly below shoulders, Hands Shoulder width apart, Knees hip width apart, Low belly engaged, Collar Bones broaden, Elongate neck, Gaze slightly forward



Cues: Start in Table Top position, Inhale: Drop your belly, Lift your gaze. Exhale: Draw the navel toward the spine

Modification: Blanket under knees (knee injury), Postures on forearms (wrist injury)

Benefits: Stretches shoulders, chest, abdominals, neck, spine, relieves stress


Balasana (Childs Pose)

Cues: Knees wide as the mat, Big toes touching, Hips towards heels, Extending arms forward, Chest towards the floor, Elongate neck and spine, Forehead on the mat, Stretching tailbone toward the floor

Modification: Roll blanket and place behind knees, knees together chest on thighs hands back by feet forehead down

Benefits: Stretches spine, hips, thighs, ankles, relieves stress


Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Cues: Four corners of feet root down, big toes touching, heels slightly apart, all toes soften and spread on the floor, inner arches lift, ankles firm in, shins firm in, knee caps lift, inner thighs roll back, tailbone soften down towards heels, front hip points lift up, lower belly draws up and in, front lower ribs soften down, back lower ribs float up, collar bones spread, shoulder heads move back, shoulder blades relax apart, back of head moves back in line with spine, crown of head lifts up, palms facing forward

Modification: Feet hip width apart (knee or back injury), hands at heart (shoulder issue)

Benefits: Improves posture, Strengthens thighs, psoas, calves, adductors


Urdhva Hastasana (Raised Hands Pose)

Cues: From Tadasana, Inhale: arms upward, palms touch, externally rotate arms, shoulders relax away from the ears, thumb side of hand lifts up, gaze up towards heel of hands

Benefits: Relieves indigestion, Eleviates back ache, Stretches abdominals, shoulders, armpits, Relieves mild anxiety, Fights fatigue


Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

Cues: From Urdhva Hastasana, Exhale: forward fold from hips bringing hands down to the mat outside of the feet, palms flat on the mat in line with toes (if available), neck relaxes down, quads and sit bones engaged

Modifications: Hands on block, Bent knees


Ardha Uttanasana (Half Standing Forward Bend)

Cues: From Uttanasana, Inhale: lift torso up lengthening spine, crown of the head forward, back is flat, eyes of elbows roll forward (external rotation of the arms), collar bones spread, shoulder heads move away from floor, core and legs engaged

Modifications: hands to shins


Phalakasana (Plank Pose)

Cues: "Step back to plank" or "Shift forward into plank" hands align under shoulders with fingers spread wide, feet hips width apart, crown of head forward, heels pressing back, hips and thighs lifted, quads engaged, tailbone toward the heels, front ribs in, low belly lifted, press shoulder blades towards the ceiling

Modifications: Knees down, On forearms parallel w fingers spread wide (shoulder/wrist injury)

Benefits: Strengthen/tone arms, abdominals, Strengthen wrists


Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose)

Cues: From Plank shift forward to toes, lower halfway down, elbows hug in towards side body, belly draws in, shoulders and elbows in line, gaze goes slightly forward

Modifications: Knees down, Hold Plank ( shoulder injury)

Benefits: Strengthens/tones arms, abdominals, Strengthens wrists


Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog)

From Chaturanga, Inhale: rollover tops of the feet, heart moving forward, shoulders down and back, hips and thighs lifted off the mat, elongate back of neck, gaze forward. While in pose: thighs engaged and lifted, pressing down with hands, pulling heart through, wrists are directly below shoulders

Modification: Cobra (softer variation of upward facing dog)

Benefits: Strengthens spine, buttocks, Stretches chest, abdominals, shoulders, Improves posture


Cobra Pose

Cues: Start on belly, bend elbows hands under shoulders, elbows draw in towards midline, Inhale: lift your chest, tailbone towards floor, shoulders down and back, elongate through neck, gaze slightly up, hips are down, feet together

Modification: Feet apart (lower back injury)

Benefits: Strengthens spine, buttocks, Stretches chest, abdominals, shoulders


Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)

Cues: Feet hips distance, sides of feet parallel to sides of mat, hands shoulder width, fingers spread, triceps roll down towards mat (eye of elbow face forward), shoulder blades spread, shoulders relax away from ears, inner thighs engaged rolling back (kneecaps lift), heels descending towards floor, belly draws in and up, gaze towards navel direction

Modification: Bent knees keeping spine long, or hands on flat blocks

Benefits: Stretches shoulders, hamstrings, Strengthens arms, legs, Relieves stress and headaches


Utkatasana (Fierce Pose)

Cues: Toes together, heels slightly apart, sit seat back, raise arms up, Inhale as you bend your knees, sink your hips, low belly in, tailbone towards heels, hip points lift, base of front ribs firm in, side body extends long, bringing palms together to touch, gaze towards thumbs, weight in heels

Modification: Feet hip width apart, hands shoulder width apart, or hands at heart

Benefits: Strengthens low back, quads, Stretches chest, shoulders, arms, and hamstrings, Relieves stress, tension, Reduces flat feet


Virabhadrasana A (Warrior I)

Cues: "From Tadasana take step back" "From downward facing dog step right foot forward" Spin back heel flat, square the hips, Inhale: rise and reach arms up parallel to each other, palms pressing, firm should blades in, ribs in, firm low belly, soften tailbone down, bend knee, thigh parallel to floor, gaze forward or towards thumbs

Modification: Hands shoulder width apart or hands in prayer or hands on hips, Adjust stance (instead of standing on a tight rope, stand on train tracks)

Benefits: Strengthens arms, shoulders, thighs, ankles, back, Stretches hip flexors, abdominals, ankles, Expands chest, lungs and shoulders, Improves sense of balance, Develops stamina