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What is holistic health?

All aspects of an individual’s needs whether it be psychological, physiological, emotional, etc are taken into consideration and seen as a whole rather than individual separate parts


What is the difference between treating the symptoms vs. the cause?

If symptoms are treated you merely mask them, you don't treat the underlying cause and therefore don't actually heal


What is the Vital Force?

Prana, the energy of life which is found in all things


What are the five majoy prana vayus?

1. Prana
2. Apana
3. Udana
4. Samana
5. Vyana


What is prana vayu responsible for?

Cardiac function and respiration


What is apana vayu responsible for?

The elimination of waste products


What is Udana vayu responsible for?

Producing sounds through the vocal apparatus, such as speaking, singing, laughing, and crying


What is Samana vayu responsible for?

The process of digestion and cell metabolism