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What is a referendum

A popular vote on a single issue, a major modern day example of direct democracy


What did Clement Attlee describe referendums as

‘Instrument of nazism and fascism’


What is Parliament supposed to be Seen as

Politically sovereign


Because we do not have a _____ ____________ then there are no rules that govern when a referendum can be used

Codified constitution


Define a binding referendum

Ties the hands of the government
Must go ahead with whatever the public decide
Results must be made policy


Define advisory referendum

Gives govt a sense of offical public opinion but it does not require them to act on it


Name four advantages of referendums

-Provide a clear answer to a specific question
-encourage political participation
- force policy makers to explain there policy
- some decisions need endorsement


Name four disadvantages of a referendums

-undermine parliamentary sovereignty
- voters show little desire to participate
- create political uncertainty
- decisions bind future generations


Describe turnout and result of 2016 brexit referendum

72% turnout
51% leave
48% stay


Describe turnout and result of Scottish independence referendum

84% turnout
44% yes
55% no


Describe turnout and result of 1998 London Mayoral referendum

34% turnout
72% yes
28% no