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Why do we need political partied

-to sift ideas and organise opinion
-they are a source of political knowledge
- act as a link between the individual and the political system
-mobilise and recruit activists
-coordinate actions of government
-serve as a source of opposition


What is Britain traditionally seen as a

Give an example

A dominant party system

Thatcher- Conservative 1979-97
Blair-Labour 1997-2010


What is the most important function of a political party

They provide representation to people with similar ideology to the parties core values. If there was not any representation then to could lead to more extremist candidates being elected as a lack of identification with a party could have the effect that there views become extreme.


What are the 5 functions of political parties

1) provided representation
2)encourage political engagement and participation- acting as a link between the individual and the electoral system. If a person can identify with a party they will become mor politically active
3)engage in political recruitment
4) formulate policy
5)provide stable government with appropriate opposition


What is a multi-party system

Where many parties compete for power, government will often pass between coalitions formed by different combinations of parties.


Where are multi party systems more common

In countries that use proportional representation as their electoral system as this reflects a better range of views.


Give an example of a minor party policy that has been co-opted by a major party

Green Party policy on outlawing bee killing pesticides

Implemented by conservatives and was also in labour manifesto


What is a nationalist party

One that looks to nurture a shared cultural identity
An example would be the British nationalist party (BNP)


Define single issue party

Offer a wide range programme of policies which are based around an ideological perspective,
Eg Green Party/ UKIP


How can pressure groups blur the line with political parties

Example is the Kidderminster hospital health concern party, which won in 2001 and 2005, their primary goal was to raise awareness as opposed to winning an election


Do smaller parties matter

✅allow voter representation to some of the most outspoken views
✅often successful particularly in local elections as people more willing to take a chance
✅influence there policy onto the major parties
✅forming coalition governments
✅allow for more voter choice
❌FPTP allows very few small partied to have a voice


To what extent does the UK have a multi party democracy

✅rise of Lib Dem’s
✅rise of SNP
❌FPTP never allow for multi party
❌parliamentary culture- very much dominant party system (labour/ conservative)