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When was the Labour Party founded

The beginning of the 20th century


Who was the Labour Party formed to represent

The working class
At this time they had not been given the right to vote


Labour Party is based off of socialism, what is this?

A political ideology advocating greater equality and redistribution of wealth. Socialists are suspicious of capitalism. Favour greater government intervention in both economic and social policy


What are the two strands socialism can be divided into

Revisionist- looks to improve capitalism,accepting its premise while while seeking to redistribute wealth more equally

Revolutionary- aims to abolish capitalism and bring all property into common ownership


Describe clause IV in 1918

Included a clear commitment to public ownership of key industries and redistribution of wealth


Tony Blair reformed clause IV, what was different

It embraced capitalism- wanted a thriving public sector
This promoted freedom of opportunity, whereas traditional labour promotes equality of outcome


Why did Tony Blair change clause IV

It was no longer possible o acheive equality of outcome as society had changed, in order to appeal to the capitalist nature of voters and direct their policies towards capitalist ideologies


Outline the changes to the class and occupational structures which have taken place in the UK since the 1960s

-Margaret thatchers right to buy policy- middle class can own property- have a stake in society (this was traditionally a priveledge of the upper classes)
-deindustrialisation- closure of steel/coal/iron/ship works
- growth of service industry jobs


Describe the term new labour

Used to describe the Labour Party in 1997 GE following the process of modernisation completed by Tony Blair
New labour consisted of a massive overhaul:rebranding, changing clause IV


What is old labour

Refers to the party’s historic commitment to socialism and its links with socialist societies, trade unions and the old working class.


What is third way

An ideological position said to exist between conventional socialism and mainstream capitalism closely associated with TB and new labour, sometimes known as the middle way


What is triangulation

The process of melding the core labour parties principles and values such as greater social justice with he lessons learnt from Thatcherism, closely associated with the new labour and the third way


Describe labour under Gordon Brown

He showed a greater commitment to social justice
Favoured de-regulation and a lighter approach to economic management however the economic crisis made it very difficult for him


What is social justice

The need for greater equality of outcome
Achieved through progression taxation and other forms of wealth distribution


What is labour now like under Jeremy Corbin

Strengthened policies to appeal to middle class
Anti Semitic media image contributed to controversial image as well a rebellious back beach nature
Too far socialist for a capitalist country