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Where does it originate from

The Norman Court of king, the king would summon the leading aristocracy of his kingdom, and when they died they will summon there sons- creating a hereditary system


Why does a lack of representaion lessen the authority of the House of Lords

They do not have the mandate of the people

So lack legitimacy


Describe the composition of the House of Lords before the 1950s,

it was made entirely of hereditary peers who were only there by accident of privilege birth

It was declared moribund with plummeting attendance rates and negligible legitimacy


What does moribund mean

Dying out


Name the act that made provisions for people to be made members of the House of Lords

The life peerages act 1958


What effect do u think the introduction of life peers made

Took there jobs seriously

From all walks of life

Increases diversity in the Lords


What are the Lords spiritual

The 24 senior bishops of the Church of England who are entitled to sit and vote in the lord s


What did the constitutional reform act 2005 mean for the composition of the House of Lords

Law Lords were removed from the Lords , renamed Supreme Court justicies and were moved into another building

Demonstrated clear separation of powers


How many cross benchers in the House of Lords

What is there job


The are independent peers without any party affiliation


What did the House of Lords act 1999 mean

The removal of all but 92 hereditary peers

Supposed to be the first stage of reform however a lack of cross party consensus proved difficult to decide on any more reform


How many members in the house of lord

Approx 778


About what percentage Of Lords are women



What is some of the roles of House of Lords

1) considering and revision of bills from House of Commons- they scrutinise and recommend any amendments before ping ponging it back to commons

2) the power of delay

3) holding general debates

4) scrutinising European legislation


What are some of the advantages of the House of Lords

-expertise: industry professionals help contribute to scrunitse law and make ammendments so improving quality of legislation

-good at accountability- Lords do not need to show loyalty to any parties so scrunitse properly

-stability- add stability and continuity to the law making process


What are some disadvantages of the House of Lords

Unelected- whilst they do not have to appease anyone, they may vote selfishly and not think about what’s best for everyone.

Representations - far from representative, whilst reforms are being made they are not being made very quick, Lords is still dominated by the old male pale and stale


What are some of the planned reforms for House of Lords

What is response to this

1) a smaller chamber - reduced to 450 members

2)80% of members would be elected

3) 20% appointed

4) time limited

5)reduce numbers of bishops

MPs claiming the bills is “basically dead” and there is “no desire for it”


What does the House of Lords reform act 2014 allow

Members to resign or retire