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In the CPM, what is an early start?

The earliest date an activity can begin


In CPM, what is an early finish?

The earliest date an activity can finish.


How are early starts and early finishes determined in CPM?

By doing a forward pass on the diagram.


How are late finishes and late starts determined in CPM?

By doing a backward pass of the diagram.


Float time is also known as?

Slack time.


What is float time?

The amount of time the early start of a task may be delayed without delaying the finish date of the project.


What is duration compression?

The use of techniques such as fast-tracking or crashing to shorten the planned duration of a project or to resolve schedule slippage.


What is crashing?

This is a schedule compression technique that adds resources to the project to reduce the time it takes to complete the project.


What is fast tracking?

Performing two tasks in parallel that were previously scheduled to start sequentially.


What is the purpose of the project schedule?

to determine the start and finish dates for each of the project activities.


What are common ways to display the project schedule?

Network Diagrams, Milestone Charts, Gantt Charts


What is the schedule baseline?

The final, approved version of the project schedule that includes the baseline start and finish dates and resource assignments.


Once the scope statement and the WBS are developed, your next step in the planning phase is ____________.

Determining the resource requirements for the project.


What is Communications Planning?

the process of identifying what people or groups need to receive information regarding your project, what information each group needs, and how the information will be distributed.


During what stage does communications planning occur?

Planning Process Group


According to PMI, project managers should spend as much as _____ % of their time communicating.



What is the basic communication model comprised of?

Sender, message, and receiver


What is the Communications Plan?

Defines who needs info on the project, the types of info they need, what format and method should be used to communicate, who is responsible for delivering the communication and when and how often it will occur.


What is a stakeholder engagement plan?

It identifies which aspects of the project plan to communicate, lists any known or probable benefits or concerns from the stakeholder and determines the key message to convey to each stakeholder.


The stakeholder engagement plan is part of what plan?

The Communications Plan


What is resource planning?

the process of determining the resources you'll need for the project, including human, equipment, and material resources.


What are the three types of resources used during projects?

Human Resources, Equipment & Materials.


Where do you document your resource requirements?

In a Resource Requirement Form


What is a resource pool description?

A listing of all the job titles within a company or department with a brief description of the job. It may also identify the number of people currently employed in each job title.


What is a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)?

A resource chart that defines the WBS identifier, the resource type needed for the WBS element, and the quantity of resources needed for the task. A WBS is displayed in chart form.


A ______ is a chart that matches WBS elements with the required resources.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix.


What is a RACI chart?

Another form of a responsibility assignment matrix which identifies the task to be performed, the individual or organization assigned to the task, and what level of responsibility or involvement they have for this task.


What does RACI stand for?

Responsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform


What is a roles and responsibilities document?

lists each group or individual team member on the project and their responsibilities.


The roles and responsibilities document is part of what plan?

The resource planning phase of the planning group process.