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Once the WBS is completed, what the next planning document developed?

The project schedule


When is the project schedule completed?

After the WBS is completed.


The key to Activity Definition is to __________.

identify all the tasks required to produce the work packages (and ultimately the deliverables)


What is an activity list?

This list should include every activity needed to complete the work of the project, along with an identifier or code so that you can track each activity independently.


What are the three categories of dependencies in activity sequencing?

Mandatory dependencies, discretionary dependencies and external dependencies.


At what stage does the project schedule get completed?

The Planning Process Group.


What is a mandatory dependency?

One activity is dependent on another activity.


What is a discretionary dependency?

Usually process-or procedure-driven and may include best-practice techniques. An example is a decision to require sign-off on certain types of activities to conform to an established corporate practice.


What are external dependencies?

A relationship between a project task and some factor outside the project that drives the scheduling of that task.


Once you identify a dependency between two activities, you need to determine what _____________ is so that you can sequence the activities properly.

the logical relationship


What is a predecessor activity?

One that comes before another activity.


What is a successor activity?

One that comes after the activity in question.


Four possible logical relationships can exist between the predecessor activity and the successor activity. What are they?

Finish to start, start to finish, finish to finish, start to start


What is a finish to start relationship?

The successor activity cannot begin until the predecessor activity has completed.


What is a start to finish relationship?

The predecessor activity must start before the successor activity can finish.


What is a finish to finish relationship?

The predecessor activity must finish before the successor activity finishes.


What is a start to start relationship?

The predecessor activity depends on starting before the successive activity can start.


What does PDM stand for?

Precendence Diagramming Method


What does ADM stand for?

Arrow Diagramming Method


What does CDM stand for?

Conditional Diagramming Method


During what stage does network diagramming take place?

Planning Process Group


What does CCM stand for?

Critical Chain Method


What is activity duration?

The process of estimating the time to complete each item on the activity list.


What is analogous or top down estimating?

The use of actual durations from similar activities on a previous project to determine activity duration estimates.


What is parametric estimating?

A quantitatively based activity duration estimating method that multiplies the quantity of work by the rate. You must know the productivity rate of the resource performing the task or have a company or industry standard that can be applied to the task in question.


What are three-point estimates?

An average of the most likely estimate, the optimistic estimate, and the pessimistic estimate for the activity.


What is PERT?

Program Evaluation and Review Technique used to estimate activity duration.


What are the three most common techniques used for developing project schedules?

The critical path method, duration compression, and project management software.


What is the critical path?

The longest full path on the project.