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Changes to project scope always require changes to the __________.

project schedule


___________ monitors the project deliverables against the project requirements and the quality baseline to ensure that the project is delivering according to plan.

Quality control


Quality Control monitors the project ___________ against the project ____________ and the quality baseline to ensure that the project is delivering according to plan.

deliverables, requirements


___________ monitors the expenses on the project and assures costs stay in alignment with the performance baseline.

Cost control


What is quality control?

The process of reviewing project results and determining whether they comply with the standards documented in the quality management plan and making any appropriate changes to remove the causes of unacceptable quality when the standards are not met.


What is inspection?

a Quality Control tool that involves examining, measuring, or testing work results to determine whether they conform to the quality standards and plan.


Some of the costs associated with inspection include ?

rework, labor costs, material costs, and potential loss of customers.


What are tolerable results?

When measurements fall within a specified range during quality control inspection.


What is attribute sampling?

A quality control inspection technique which determines whether the results are conforming or nonconforming to the requirements.


What is prevention in regard to quality control?

Prevention keeps errors from reaching the customers or from occurring in the first place.


What is a Pareto diagram?

It is used to rank the importance of a problem based on its frequency of occurrence over time.


What type of histogram displays the relative importance of defects?

Pareto diagram


What is a histogram?

Abar chart that depicts variables on the horizontal and vertical axes.


What are control charts?

Masure and display the variance of several samples of the same process over time.


What type of technique is commonly used in quality control testing of manufacturing?

Control Chart


A _______________ is based on a mean, an upper control limit, and a lower control limit.

control chart


The upper control limit of a control chart is the point beyond which ___________.

preventing additional defects becomes cost-prohibitive.


The lower level of a control chart is the limit at which the customer or end user will _____________

reject the product because of the defects.


What is statistical sampling?

you gather a subset of all the applicable work results and randomly select a small number for testing or examination. The results for this subset represent the whole.


What is trend analysis?

a mathematical technique that can be used to predict future defects based on historical results.


What are run charts?

Used to show variations in the process over time or to show trends (such as improvements or the lack of improvements) in the process.


What is an Ishikawa Diagram?

It shows the relationship between the effects of problems and their causes.


An Ishikawa Diagram is also known as ?

A cause-and-effect diagram or a fishbone diagram.


What are the most common actions taken as a result of quality activities?

Rework, Process Adjustments, and Acceptance