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Use the _____________ to communicate the project risks and action plans to other stakeholders.

risk register


The _________________________ is the final, approved documented plan that you'll use throughout the remainder of the project to measure project progress and, ultimately, project success.

project management plan


When is the project management plan done?

During the Planning Process Group


The key components of the project management plan include what 8 components?

Scope statement, Project schedule, Communications plan, Resource plan, Procurement plan, Project budget, Quality management plan, Risk management plan


This completed plan serves as the baseline for project progress.

Project Management Plan


The completion of the comprehensive project plan signals the transition from the ____________ phase to the ____________ process group.

planning, executing


What is the transition plan?

This plan describes how the transition of the final product or service of the project will be transitioned to the organization.


When is the transition plan created?

During the Planning Process Group.


What is forming?

the beginning stage of team formation, when all the members are brought together, introduced, and told the objectives of the project.


What is storming?

Where the action begins. Team members become confrontational with each other as they're vying for position and control during this stage.


What is norming?

Things begin to calm down. Team members know each other fairly well by now. They're comfortable with their positions in the team, and they begin to deal with project problems instead of people problems.


What is performing?

This stage is where the team is productive and effective. The level of trust among team members is high, and great things are achieved. This is the mature development stage.


What is adjourning?

Breaking up the team after the work is completed.


During this stage, team members tend to be formal and reserved and take on an "all-business" approach.

Forming Stage.


What are some common ways of managing conflict between team members?

Smoothing, forcing, compromise, confronting, avoiding, negotiating.


What is smoothing?

a temporary way to resolve conflict; the areas of agreement are emphasized over the areas of difference, so the real issue stays buried.


Confronting is also called?

Problem solving.


Organizational governance includes what components?

Standards compliance, internal process compliance, decision oversight, and phase gate approval.


What is phase gate approval?

This involves formally reviewing the project at specific points to determine whether the project should proceed.


When does phase gate approval occur?

Executing Process Group


The project plan is put into action and the work of the project is performed during what stage?



The ten components of the project plan that you'll be following during the Executing processes include...

Risk register, Communications plan, Issues log, Change management form, Quality management metrics, Project schedule, WBS, Budget, Resource requirements, Scope statement


The majority of the project budget is spent during the ____________ processes



_________________ looks at the overall impact of change and manages updates across all elements of the project plan.

Integrated Change Control


________________ includes understanding the impact of a scope change, taking appropriate action, and managing a process to review and approve or reject requests for scope changes.

Scope Change Control


________________ entails determining that a change to the schedule is needed, taking the appropriate action to deal with the schedule change, and updating the schedule based on changes in other areas of the project plan.

Schedule Control


_______________ implements the risk prevention strategies or contingency plans developed in your risk response plan, monitors the results of preventative actions, and assesses new risks to the project.

Risk control