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The project plan is put into action and the work of the project is performed during what stage?



The ten components of the project plan that you'll be following during the Executing processes include...

Risk register, Communications plan, Issues log, Change management form, Quality management metrics, Project schedule, WBS, Budget, Resource requirements, Scope statement


The majority of the project budget is spent during the ____________ processes



_________________ looks at the overall impact of change and manages updates across all elements of the project plan.

Integrated Change Control


________________ includes understanding the impact of a scope change, taking appropriate action, and managing a process to review and approve or reject requests for scope changes.

Scope Change Control


________________ entails determining that a change to the schedule is needed, taking the appropriate action to deal with the schedule change, and updating the schedule based on changes in other areas of the project plan.

Schedule Control


_______________ implements the risk prevention strategies or contingency plans developed in your risk response plan, monitors the results of preventative actions, and assesses new risks to the project.

Risk control


What are corrective actions?

They bring the work of the project into alignment with the project plan.


What are preventive actions?

They are implemented to help reduce the probability of a negative risk event.


What are defect repairs?

Correct or replace components that are substandard or are malfunctioning.


________________ are documented procedures that describe how the deliverables of the project are controlled, changed, and approved.

Change control systems


What is integrated change control?

A process that influences the factors that cause change, determines that a change is needed or has happened, and manages and monitors change. All other change control processes are integrated with this process.


The change management process includes what components?

Change request forms, Change request log, Analysis of the impacts of change, Change control board (CCB), Coordination and communication with appropriate stakeholders, Updating the affected project-planning documents


What is a change request log?

It includes the date the change request was made, the requestor, the status, disposition and implementation or close date.


After the change request is recorded in the tracking log, the next step is __________________.

analysis of the change request


What are resource changes?

Whenever a project team member is added or leaves, it is important to document the reason for the change, the name of the replacement, the person requesting the change, and any impact the change will have on the project.


Managing and reporting on the work of the project is the primary focus of the __________________.

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group.


What are infrastructure changes?

Infrastructure is the element of a project that will remain permanently after the project is completed.


What is scope control?

involves monitoring the status of the project scope, monitoring changes to the project scope, and monitoring work results to ensure that they match expected outcomes.


Any modification to the agreed-upon WBS is considered a ________ change.

scope change


What is scope verification?

Involves stakeholders formally accepting completed deliverables and obtaining sign-off indicating the deliverables are satisfactory and meet stakeholders' expectations.


Verifying ________ is where the acceptance of the work formally occurs.



What is schedule control?

involves determining the status of the project schedule, determining whether changes have occurred or should occur, and influencing and managing schedule changes.