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This document provides formal approval for the project to begin and authorizes the project manager to apply resources to the project.

The project charter.


The ________________ is the person who authorizes and approves the project charter.

project sponsor


The _______________ documents the high-level goals and objectives of the project.

project charter


What is a stakeholder matrix?

A database that lists all of the stakeholders, contact info, needs, concerns, involvement, influence, etc.


What are software developers?

Specialize in writing software or web-based programs that provide computer-related solutions to business problems, productivity issues, entertainment, and more.


What are server administrators?

These team members are responsible for configuring and supporting the servers that will host your project.


What are database administrators?

DBAs are responsible for creating the database schema and their associated requirements. They also plan the backup and recovery methodologies for the data.


What are internetworking specialists?

Handle the routers, switches, LAN cabling, and WAN connections.


What are telephony specialists?

The people who manage the company's telephone equipment and operations


What are systems analysts?

Operate at the functional level of taking the system requirements and breaking them down into a system design specification that the system developers can use to build the project.


What are business analysts?

Understand the workflow processes and the needs of the business unit but are also able to interface with the IT folks to help them understand what it is the business unit really wants.


What are system architects?

Have a very technical level of knowledge about systems and are able to draft the blueprint for infrastructure of the proposed system.


What are security analysts?

The person who makes certain that all security requirements for the project are implemented.


What are technical writers?

Responsible for writing all of the documentation for the system. This includes training documents as well as user manuals, help-desk cheat sheets, and other documentation.


What is the project description?

It documents the key characteristics of the product, service or result that will be created by the project.


At what stage is the project description written?

Initiating Process Group


At what stage do you need high-level cost estimates?

During the Initiating Process Group.


Where can you find the high-level cost estimate of a project?

In the project charter.


What are triple constraints?

Time, budget and quality constraints.


Where should high-level risks be documented?

In the project charter.


Where is the project approach found?

In the project charter, which is developed in during the Initiating Process Group.


Issuing the project charter moves the project from the ___________ phase into the __________ phase.

Initiating. Planning.