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What is the primary output of the Initiating Process Group?

The Project Charter


What does the project charter contain?

Prject description, project approach, stakeholders, goals and objectives, problem statement, high-level deliverables, milestones, costs, assumptions, constraints and risks.


What is project scope?

It includes all the components that make up the product or service of the project and the results the project intends to produce.


To complete scope planning what 3 scope components must be completed?

The scope management plan, the scope statement and the work breakdown structure (WBS).


At what stage is the project scope completed?

The Planning Process Group


What is the scope management plan?

It documents how the project scope will be defined and verified and how scope will be monitored and controlled throughout the life of the project.


What is the scope statement?

It provides a common understanding of the project by documenting the project objectives and deliverables.


What is the work breakdown structure?

It breaks the project deliverables down into smaller components from which you can estimate task durations, assign resources, and estimate costs.


Who signs the project scope statement?

The key stakeholders


The _____________ describes how the project team will define project scope, verify the work of the project, and manage and control scope.

Scope Management Plan


What is scope creep?

The term commonly used to describe the changes and additions that seem to make their way onto the project to the point where you're not managing the same project anymore.


When developing a scope management plan it is important to consider 3 key items. What are they?

Stability of the scope, Impact of scope changes, the scope change process.


Scope change processes at a minimum needs what components?

A change request form, an analysis of the impact, an approval process, a communications plan to keep stakeholders informed, and a method to incorporate approved changes.


The primary outputs of scope planning are what?

The scope management plan, the scope statement, and the work breakdown structure.


What is an agreement between the project and the project customer that states precisely what the work of the project will produce.

The project scope statement.


Success criteria is also known as?

Acceptance criteria.


_______________ include the process and criteria you'll use to determine that the deliverables are complete and satisfactorily meet expectations.

Success criteria


What are KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators


Deliverables and requirements are sometimes referred to as ____________.

Critical success factors.


Critical success factors are those elements that must be completed __________ and __________ in order for the project to be considered complete.

accurately and on schedule


Order of magnitude estimates are based on?

Actual duration and cost of similar projects or the expert judgement of someone familiar with the work or the project.


Do assumptions needs to be documented and validated?



What is the final element that must be included in the project scope statement?

A constraints list.


Once the scope statement is complete, the next step is what?

Present the scope statement to the stakeholders and have the project sponsor and stakeholders sign off.


What is used as the basis for estimating activity duration, assigning resources to activities, estimating work effort, and creating a budget?

The work breakdown structure.


The lowest level of any WBS is called ______________.

work package level


What is a code of accounts?

Numeric identifiers that are assigned to the work package level of the work breakdown structure.


What is the WBS Dictionary?

This is where the WBS levels and work component descriptions are documented.


Scope planning uses the output of the _________ phase, the project charter, to create the _____________ and the scope management plan.

Initiating. Scope Statement.