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Who would liaise with the police at an MTFA?

FRS national inter-agency liaison officer NILO


Explain the different zones

Hot - terrorist known to be & immediate threat to life exists

Warm - attackers have passed through, not safe

Cold - no threat to life - until joint assessment of risk (JAR) is conducted and the area is confirmed as being completely clear of terrorist activity crews should withdraw at least 1000m away from the hot zone


At an MTFA incident FFs will be under the control of?

What happens in the event of a comms failure at such an incident?

Trained FRS officers - and only accept instructions from them

FRS staff to be retuned to the allocated RVP in the cold zone or if one hasn’t been arranged, at least 1KM away


Where would the FCP forward command post be established?

In the cold zone, close to he boundary with the warm zone to allow those trained in MTFA incidents to co-ordinate a joint response