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As a presiding officer at a discipline hearing (conduct).what is the maximum sanction that a station Manager can issue?

A written warning with a live currency of 12 Months


If an employee has received a written decision on a grievance, but remains dissatisfied, how long do they have to lodge an appeal?

7 days


Which of the following statements best describes the function of operations commander?

To co-ordinate the operational sectors and to exercise the incident commanders authority


According to LESLP, who controls the marshalling area at a major incident?

Police with assistance from the fire service


What is the minimum distance restriction on the transmission for brigade pagers at an incident involving a suspect device?

No restriction


Under what circumstances would a firefighter emergency message be sent?

Whenever it is established, or there is strong evidence that suggest that one or more firefighter or personnel under the control of the LFB are unaccounted for or in need of rescue


When can EDBA wearers be recommitted at a fire?

Only in exceptional circumstances


You are called as a monitoring officer to a flat fire on the 10th floor of a residential building. Where would you expect the incident commander to have established the bridgehead?

In an area of safety two floors below the fire floor unless pre planning demands otherwise


Who is responsible for the overall control and co-ordination of any incident identified as having terrorist origins?

The police incident commander


In cases where it is essential that the incident commander requires a sector commander to temporarily leave their post for a briefing, who must they be replaced by?

Someone with the appropriate competence and authority to maintain continuity of supervision


Who provides National guidance on mass fatality planning at major incidents?

Home office emergency preparedness planning team


At an incident the Rio informs you that trains are currently running under caution. What is the maximum speed the train can travel whilst under caution?

20 MPH


When are non-uniformed members of staff required to notify the authority of driving offences?

Only if a driving ban is issued


In order to comply with the LFB counter fraud strategy and to support the authorities aims. Which of the following is correct?

Detect fraud where it is not prevented and seek redress to recover all funds obtained through fraud


Why should an incident commander appoint an operations commander?

In order to maintain the span of control at very large or complex incidents and a greater level of command is required


Using the example of an incident in a high rise building, describe where the fire sector is located?

The fire sector is the area involved in a fire and all the floors above this area


At a confirmed radiation incident, where should the inner cordon boundary be set up?

A minimum of 25m from the hazard


Which agency is responsible for investigating a collapsed structure?

The health and safety executive and the local authority


In relation to phased evacuation of office buildings and assuming that progressive evacuation is necessary, which would normally be the first three steps of the evacuation sequence.

Floor of origin and floor immediate above;

next two floors above;

And then with the floor below the fire floor in groups of two working down the building


Which of the statements defines the function of an ops commander?

To co-ordinate the operational sectors and to exercise the incident commanders authority


In regard to the use of fire lifts at high rise fires, which is True?

Once firefighting commences the fire lift should be taken to the bridgehead level so that it is available to take any rescued to ground floor level


In regard to automatic sprinkler systems, which of the following statements is true?

The water supply to an automatic sprinkler system should always be augmented by the initial pumping appliances


What message should be sent when personnel need to be committed to water, mud or ice?

Priority message “ fire fighters entering water-implement water rescue procedure, level 2, tactical mode Oscar


At an incident where bio hazards have been confirmed and personnel are discovered to be trapped, which of the following actions should be taken?

Rescues of persons trapped should be attempted in accordance with normal procedures breathing apparatus and chemical protection suits should be worn and the advice of on sight advisors followed


How soon after arriving at an incident should an informative be sent?

20 minutes at all types of incident


You attend a small shed fire on a council allotment site. The fire is extinguished using a single hose reel, and a 60 year old male is suffering from light smoke inhalation. What type of stop message would be appropriate for this situation?

Full stop, as the fire resulted in a fire related injury


You attend an incident involving someone threatening to jump from a roof top, the police are in attendance and have primacy over the incident, in this situation, generally what circumstances should the incident commander proceed with a rescue?

If the casualty requests help or becomes unconscious or incapacitated


In an emergency situation, brigade staff may be required to use short circuiting devices on the LUL third rail railway lines who is qualified to undertake this task?

All brigade staff but always under supervision of LU staff


The most serious type of conduct offence that group managers can investigate is?

An offence with a maximum penalty of a final written warning plus demotion


A final written warning is disregarded for disciplinary purpose after what maximum period?