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What does LESLP state as the definition of a Major lncident?

Any emergency that requires the implementation of special arrangements from one or more of the Emergency Services.


Who has the authority to declare a Major tncident?

Any Emergency Service, Local Authority.


Which is one of the roles of the Local Authority Liaison Officer (LALO)?

To provide a link between the incident and the Borough Emergency Control Centre.


According to LESLP which of the following ls NOT a reason for the establishment of cordons around an incident scene?

To control sightseers.


You are required to attend a Silver meeting at a Major lncident. Who are the identified LFB representatives at a Major Incident Silver co ordinating group meeting as stated in LESLP?

lncident Commander (Fire Silver) LFB lnter-agency Liaison Officer (lLO) Press Advisor Scientific Advisor where applicable.


According to LESLP, which agency has responsibility for carrying out Detection, identification, and Monitoring (DlM) assessments at a Major incident?

London Fire Brigade.


At a confirmed radiation incident who is responsible for carrying out the role of Radiation Protection Advisor.

Scientific Advisor (SA)