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Explain benefits of a cordon for the IC

To separate those at risk, including FFs from the hazard

To facilitate the ops of the emergency services

To protect the scene and to prevent unauthorised access to evidence or property


Three types of cordon

Inner cordon - excludes access to an area of hazard

Outer cordon - separating the public from areas used by emergency services

Traffic cordon - set up by police at or beyond the outer cordon to prevent unauthorised vehicle access


How is an inner cordon marked?

How is an outer cordon marked?

‘Hazard zone do not cross’ - yellow barrier tape

White barrier tape - ‘fire service do not cross’


Tools available to assist in establishing a cordon?

What should it follow?

Atlas and acetate

CSS - and then it can be printed

Existing barriers and roadways beyond the minimum distance


Once cordon is established, inform?

Control - and inform them of the position, RVP, suitable app road routes and of road closures


Do you keep a written record of personnel inside the inner cordon?

Who might you designate to manage the cordon?

Yes - including other agencies

Sector commander, an ICC (inner cordon controller) may be dedicated to each entry/exit point.


Explain the level of command at a major incident

IC will be operating at the tactical level referred to as ‘fire silver’ with sector commanders at the scene of ops becoming ‘fire bronze’


Where is the equipment for inner cordon control carried?
(Major incident)

The major incident box is carried on the CU:
Fire silver tabard
ICC tabards
Aide memoirs
Security tape


The ICC will allocate each person entering the cordon a number in sequence from...?

And record details on which form?

Before entering what will people have to wear?

01 and record details as required on the form IC1

An armband with the date, IC1 number and entry point letter - supplied in four colours. Police silver will choose a colour at random, colour might change from day to day if incident is protracted.


Can you enter the inner cordon for a specific task?

No but you can leave for a specific task if within line of sight


What happens when the ICR identifies people within the inner cordon who have not been issued arm bands?

Details recorded on form IC2, and a number prefixed with IC2 - starting from IC2/01. This is an interim form for passing info to the ICC


Describe the following (at major incidents);
Hot zone
Warm zone
Cold zone

Hot - the area where gross contamination could occur

Warm - area surrounding hot zone, cross contamination may occur. Gross contamination should be removed from this area

Cold - area outside inner cordon and between the warm zone and the outer cordon. No exposure to contaminants or risk expected


Cordon dimensions;

Government explosives
Cylinder procedure
Ionising radiation
Fires and incidents involving biological risks
Terrorist -suitcase
HGV/lorry - any doubt




Restricted zone around incident following RA

25m - public may need to be evacuated more than 200m

25m upwind (asbestos)


Appliance main scheme - 50m HH radios 10m