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FSG call; control will obtain the following info..

Number of flat/house
Number of persons involvded
Location of caller
Conditions at their location
Proximity to fire
Latest advice given by control
Time of FSG call
Time updated


The ICP radio needs to do what, when receiving an FSG?

Where should the info be written down?

Write the info down and repeat it back to control

On a copy of the Control Information Form - retained at the ICP until the CU arrives


Attendance to an FSG call?

CU, SM, FIU will be ordered in addition to the PDA.
Plus... A further CU, SM, and PL all dedicated FSG attendees.


In exceptional circumstances the IC may inform control that their advice to FSG callers should be altered..EG - Get out of the house, don't stay.

The call continues until:

The caller is able to leave
Is rescued by us, the heroes
The telephone line is cleared.


Control manage FSG calls in accordance with four principles:



What do the CUs carry to record info on the separate FSG calls?

Casualty Information Poster


Explain the CSSs function at an FSG incident.

It has a message screen that records messages sent to and from the incident, messages sent by fire link radio relating to FSG calls are recorded here.
There is also a conferencing facility, available for remote users. Sensitive info can be passed on here.


The IC may appoint a dedicated officer known as a______ to collate and record info on FSG calls.
Min rank?

Control has a _______________ phone line, it is programmed into CU phones - used for passing life critical info.

FSG co-ordinator -


Command unit critical