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What is the function of the Fire service at a Major incident?

Manage safety of Inner cordon.


What is the function of the Police at a Major incident?

Manage access/egress to Inner cordon.


Who agrees the shape, size & positioning of cordons, exit/entry points?

Police & Fire IC's.


What role would Fire's Incident commander play at a Major incident?

Fire IC would be the Sector commander safety.


What rank would be the ICC?

At least a WM.


What rank would the ICC's assistant be?

Minimum rank competent FF.


Describe the duties of an ICC at a Major incident?

Minimum rank - WM.
Completes form IC 1.
Issues armbands (4 colours, 1 chosen randomly by Police)
Records all persons (All agencies) entering/exiting Inner cordon.
Briefs persons of evac procedure & safety issues.


What information is captured on the arm bands?

Date/entry point letter & number/prefixed by IC1 or IC2.
Info transferred to forms IC1 & IC2.


Can persons entering the inner cordon leave via a different control point?

No, but only in exceptional circumstances and then notifying the control point they initially entered through that they have left via an alternative control point.


Major incident box carries what items?

1 x silver tabard.
6 x ICC/ICR tabards.
25 IC 1 forms, 25 IC 2 forms.
2 Aide memoires.
2 x permanent marker pens.
40 x arm bands/ 1 roll of security tape.


Who identifies mass fatalities at Major incidents?

(DVI) Disaster victim identification team.


Who gives consent for body removal and Major incidents?



When is it permissible for LFB/;AS crews to move dead bodies?

To allow access to the living.