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What does a shaded part in a Venn diagram mean ?

- That the area is empty


What does placing an x in a Venn Diagramm stand for ?

- At least one thing exist in that area


What does no mark in an area stand for ?

- We do not have any knowledge regarding the area


What is meant by a conversion ?

- Switching subject and predicate and see if the argument is still equivelant ?
-> E and I is
-> A and O is not


What is meant by a obversion ?

- ALL S are P -> No S are non P
- No S are P -> All S are non P
- Some S are P -> Some S are not non P
- Some S are not P -> Some S are non P (doppel not gets crossed out)
- vaild for all ! (AEIO)


What is meant by a contraposition ?

- A and O is only valid
- E and I is not valid
- All S are -> All non P are non S
- No S are P -> No non P are non S
- Some S are P -> Some non P are non S
- Some S are not P--> Some non P are not non S
- ADD everywhere a non !
- Switch S and P


What is meant by a subject term ?

- First proposition in a sentence


What is meant by a predicate term ?

- Second proposition in a sentence


What does the letter A represent ?

All S are P


What does the letter E represent ?

No S are P


What does the letter I represent ?

Some S are P


What does the letter O represent ?

Some S are not P


What does affirmative mean ?

- "No and not" is not represented


What does negative mean ?

- "No and not" is represented


What does universal mean ?

- Something is being said about all members
- includes "All or NO"


What does particular mean ?

- Something is being said about a particular group
- "Some" is included


What is meant by a capula ?

- The link between terms
- "Are not / Are / is " is inluded


How is the distribution of the predicate term determined ?

1. If it is a Affirmative proposition then it is particular
2. if it is a negative proposition it is universal


What does contradictory mean ?

- Can not be true nor false at the same time !
- A vs O
- E vs I


What does Subcontrary mean ?

- Both can be true but not both false
- but they can be different


What does Subaltern mean ?

- They have to be the same (both true or both false)


What does Contrary mean ?

- Can not not be true at the same time but false and also different