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What is a syllogism ?

- A deductive argument consisting of 2 premises and one conclusion


What are the major parts of a categorical Syllogism ?

- Major term (predicate in the conclusion)
- minor term (subject in the conclusion)
- Middle term (only in premise not in the conclusion)


How do we determine the mood ?

- Reading first the proposition from the major , then minor and the conclusion


What is so special regarding Ven diagrams and categorical syllogysm ?

- the lower left circle to the subject of the conclusion
- the lower right is to the predicate of the conclusion
- Top circle is the middel term


What are certain rules for the Venn diagrams regarding the categorical syllogysm ?

- X is only placed for premises not for conclusions
- universal argument should allways be enttered first !


How do we determin if the argument is valid ?

- First check the boolean argument (if it is correct then we are fine)
- if not then = and see if there is a Venn circle that is completely shaded except for one area. If there is such a circle, place a circled ‘‘X’’ in the unshaded part of that Venn circle
- if it not makes sense detrmine if x actually exist


8 rules of syllogism ?

1. There must be three terms.
2. If both premises are universal, the conclusion cannot be particular
3. The conclusion must not contain the middle term.
4. The middle term must be universal at least once.
5. Two positive premises cannot yield a negative conclusion.
6. Two negative premises are not allowed
7. The conclusion is negative if one of the premises is negative and is particular if
one of the premises is particular.
8. Two particular premises are not allowed
9. Middle term must be distributed at least once
10. If a term is distributed in the conclusion, then it must be distributed in a premise


What are the 4 options of categorical syllogysm ?

1. M/P
1. S/M

2. P/M
2. S/M

3. M/P
3. M/S

4. P/M
4. M/P


What is meant by distribution ?

look at the picture