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What is meant by Ethos ?

- is about the impression you make
- Are u reliable
- Good for persuasion


What is meant by Logos ?

- is about the quality of your arguments
- Good for persuasion


What is meant by Pathos?

- is about the ‘mood you want to cause your listeners to be in
- Good for persuasion


What is meant by the figure of speech ?

- Those are words and constructions you can employ to make your argument more attractive


What is meant by a repteitio ?

- A word or a phrase is repeated number of times,
- Example: It’s going great, really wonderfully, magnificently even.


What is meant by a anaphora ?

- A repetitio at the start of a number of sentences or lines
- Example: I have a dream… (Martin Luther King)


What is meant by the rule of three ?

- things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers or things It is recommended because it sticks.
- Example: A number of examples: blood, sweat and tears


What is meant by a Chiasmus ?

- Two phrases are syntactical mirror image
- Example: You can take a child out of the war, but how do you take the war out of a child? (War Child


What is meant by a Rhetorical question ?

- A question which instead of being a real question is a definite statement in the shape of a question. A rhetorical question is not meant to be answered.
-Are you entirely out of your mind?


What is meant by a Metaphor ?

- you call something by another name directly, comparing that which you really mean with that which you call it.
- Example: Julia, Sara and Elena are angels


What is meant by a Tautology ?

- A concept is repeated using a different word that has (roughly) the same meaning. Both words belong to the same lexical category
- Example: All well and good


What is meant by a Pleonasm ?

- An obvious quality of an object is stated
-is the use of more words or parts of words than are necessary or sufficient for clear expression:
- Example: A round circle,burning fire


What is meant by a Hyperbole ?

- A more or less appropriate exaggeration
- übertreibung
- Example: you’re the sweetest person in the whole wide world


What is meant by a Enumeration ?

- A number of names, facts, arguments follow each other up
- Example: He did not notice where he was going, through alleys, passing gardens andfactories,
- Aufzählung


What is meant by a Paradox ?

- it is an contradiction. but upon closer reading the phrasing turns out to be correct after all.
- Example: Those who want to live in peace must often apply force to themselves


What is meant by a Understatement ?

- This is the opposite of hyperbole: intentional trivialization/ a form of minimization
- Example: Well, at least we have a roof over our heads (we live in a luxurious house).


What is meant by a Euphemism ?

- A term which sounds too harsh or unkind is replaced with another, less directterm


What is meant by a Oxymoron ?

- An oxymoron is a combination of two contradictory terms
- Example: speaking by keeping silent


What is meant by a Litotes ?

- A special kind of understatement: something is strongly emphasised by denying the opposite.
- Example: That’s not a bad idea at all. (great idea)


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