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To argue that Christianity is socially relevant, what is it necessary to show?

The teachings and actions of christianity can engage with society today and work for change


What may suggest that society is less secular than expected?

Many people feel a sense of attachment to a local Church building


How can religion become a symbol of nationalist identity?

The Russian Orthodox Church has grown following the fall of the anti-religious communist regime


In what way is Christianity a naturally secularising religion?

Follows the example of Jesus who taught that caring and healing (secular vocations) take priority over obedience to religious rules


Which two men were involved in the development of liberation theology in Latin America?

Boff and Gutierrez


What is a role of the Church for liberation theologians?

To educate people to recognise the difference between their own lives and real justice
Secularising the gospel to make it relevant for ordinary people
Oscar Romero a liberationist


Criticism of liberation theology

Pope believed that the presentation of Jesus as some kind of political revolutionary was not true to the gospel or the teachings of the Church


Difference between liberationists and traditionalists

L: change society to promote justice and give power to the poor
T: support the poor with spiritual aid


Liberation theology in Britain

Focused on inner city poverty and injustice
The Code archbishops' Faith in the City. A Call to Action by Church and Nation called on the Church to engage with secular issues such as law and social support