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What is the fundamental question from a Christian perspective on science and technology?

How far is the natural order God's will and how much can it be changed using science and technology?


How do Christians approach moral issues posed by science?

There is no simple answer as medical technology wasn't available in Jesus' day- we don't know what He would have done?


Modern medicine

Has the potential to cure many illnesses and prolong life


Genetic Modification

Genetic manipulation may be required to allow humans to live in different environments such as high gravity or low oxygen situations


Science and evolutionary ethics

The strong should be encouraged and the weak eliminated in order to secure a better future


Environmental ethics

Advances in agriculture and farming are having a negative effect on the environment
Christian belief that scripture gives humans dominion over the whole environment= damage


Christianity on genetic engineering

Human life is a gift from God so any attempt at genetic engineering is an attempt to manipulate life which goes against God's will
It is taking on God
The Church approves GM crops and animals because this can feed poor
Approves therapeutic genetic engineering
NML- altering the genetic code of animals doesn't allow them to fulfil their final end
Other christians point to science and reason as God-given abilities. This ability should be used to benefit life


The Human Genome Project

The attempt to map all the human chromosomes. This would give us the ability to identify and isolate the genes responsible for conditions such as cystic fibrosis
Having such knowledge requires great responsibility


Genetic engineering

Cloning produces exact copies of an organism, and genes are copied within the same species
Genetic engineering aims to engineer a unique set of genes in humans, animals and plants
GE can be used to engineer children, treat conditions, produce transhumans- Catholic Church rejects enhancement therapy because it means humanity would no longer be in God's image


1995 Seventh Day Adventist Church states...

4 areas of ethical concern: sanctity of life, the protection of human dignity, the acceptance of social responsibilities and the stewardship of God's creation