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What is the exclusivist view?

Their religion is the only true one
Other religions are wrong
E.g. evangelical Christians


What is the inclusivist view?

Another religion may have aspects of belief the same as his/her own so is true
Their own religion is unique


What is the second Vatican councils inclusivist declaration?

Declaration on the relation of the church with non Christian religions
The Catholic Church doesn’t reject what is true and holy in other religions


What is closed inclusivism?

One specific religion has all truth but others have some of it too


What is open inclusivism?

One specific religion has the best grasp of, but not all of truth, so can learn some truth from other religions


What verse is used by some Christians for Christian exclusivism?

‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except though me’- John


What is the norm for biblical fundamentalists?

God will condemn all who aren’t committed to Christ
This makes evangelism a priority


What Romans quote supports the exclusivist position?

‘Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved’


What does an exclusivist think when it comes to salvation?

Only ones relationship with Christ counts. There is no salvation outside the Church


What are problems with exclusivism?

If God is free to do what he wants, it is illogical to say he can't act through other religions
Depends on a literal and simple interpretation of the Bible
The argument for exclusivism are based on John. The new T. express convictions about Jesus and salvation of the first century


What is the biblical support for inclusivism?

The range of Jesus' actions and teachings lead to a view that he was inclusive in his dealings with people of other faiths


Where in the bible suggests that God provides for, and will save, everyone?

'God does not show favouritism'- Romans


What is Barth's attitude to salvation?

All religions are ineffective. What only counts is the grace of God


Who is Karl Rahner?

German priest and theologian


What does Rahner define as anonymous Christianity?

Someone who 'attains salvation outside of explicitly constituted Christianity'. Good moral conduct is not dependent on any underlying belief


What does Hick say about the anonymous Christian?

Suggests that the faith which the anonymous Christian is born in to is faulty