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Give 3 of Dawkins' key points from The God Delusion

1. Religion is a primitive error which has spread like a virus
2. Teaching religion by parents and schools is mental abuse
3. People can be morally good without the influence of religion


Who is Alister McGrath?

Author of The Dawkins Delusion. Christian theologian


What does The God Delusion raise in the context of secularisation?

Most people find meaning in life without reference to religion
Attitudes to gays, abortion, inclusiveness, and freedom of choice in matters of religion or religious education


Quote from The God Delusion

'The majority of us ... don't cheat, don't kill, don't commit incest'


Give 3 of McGrath's key points from The Dawkins Delusion

1. Science can't demonstrate the true nature of reality because this is not testable/observable
2. Dawkins ignores the liberal response to religion. Complains supernatural religion isn't open to argument, but holds to its beliefs unquestioningly
3. Dawkins opposes one form of fundamentalism with another


Quote from The Dawkins Delusion

'Dawkins is clearly entrenched in his own particular version of a fundamentalist dualism'


Weakness of McGrath

He suggests atheism may be a response to the human need for moral autonomy and that atheism's an excuse for immorality