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God as human quote

Adam and Eve hear God ‘walking in the garden in the cool of day’ in Genesis


Jesus as transcendent

He ‘uphold[s] the universe by his word of power’ in Hebrews


What is monotheism?

The belief that only one God exists and is worthy of worship


Quote for monotheism

‘Besides me there is no god’- Isaiah


Ethical monotheism

Good moral behaviour is at the heart of the covenant between Israel and God
Jesus days that whoever weakens in obeying the Ten Commandments shall be called least in heaven
Jesus: ‘the lord is one’
Moral obedience is central to salvation. God alone can save humanity from sin


Why have Christians deduced that God is omnipotent?

He is the only God so can’t be challenged by any other authority
‘With God all things are possible’- Jesus


Different Christian definitions of omnipotence

He can do anything, including the logically impossible
He can do anything that is logically possible


Different Christian ideas in God’s creation

The universe comes ex deo (of God’s own being)
God created the universe ex nihilo (in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth)
God created the universe by using pre existing chaotic matter which he put in an ordered state (‘the earth being without form and void’)