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What does the concept of materialistic values involve?

The idea that status in society is measured by wealth and possessions rather than wisdom, virtue


How did Jesus reverse some of the usual expectations of his day about wealth and possessions?

Argued the poor were blessed because their situation was about to be reversed with the coming of God's kingdom- the Parable of the Rich Man and the Poor Man


What does Jesus say about wealthy people?

It is difficult for them to enter the kingdom of Heaven because they are concerned with wealth on earth rather than focusing on building up 'treasure in heaven'- Jesus


What does living family life in the secular world mean about materialism?

Using and owning money and property. Voluntary property no longer offered moral superiority, so there was no spiritual advantage to monastic life


What is the Prosperity Gospel?

A form of Christianity which sees wealth as rewards from God for strong faith and good works


What do many churches encourage to relieve poverty?

Tithing- donation of one tenth of a person's income to the Church


What do Bruderhof communities reject?

Private property. They share everything in common