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Until when was judaism the only non Christian religion that most Europeans had come into contact peacefully with?

18th century


What happened after the Second World War for migration?

Many people from Eastern Europe migrated to the UK


When did people become aware of the need to recognise the cultural identity of minority groups?

1960s and 70s


What are arguments against multiculturalism?

Threat to core national values and traditions; destructive to national identity
No agreed scheme of thought so society lacks cohesion
Immigrant communities that flourish may be isolated
Assumes that no single culture can claim to be the best but religion is based on the opposite view


Who is Enoch Powell?

Conservative MP


Quote from Powell

Large scale migration ‘like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre’


What are arguments for multiculturalism?

Rich and beneficial mixing of cultural traditions
A way to promote tolerance and equal access and opportunities in employment, education, law and business


How many Christians are in Britain?



How many Muslims are in Britain?



What does the universal declaration of human rights article 18 state?

Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Therefore against the law to prohibit or restrict the practice of religion


Are religions intolerant towards each other?

European wars of religion between catholics and Protestants


How is exodus evidence for religious intolerance?

Call to ‘demolish’ other religions


What does multiculturalism support?

All cultures being respected, celebrated and understood in terms of their origins
Society richer for having cultural diversity


What does multiculturalism oppose?

The idea that any culture should have another culture imposed on it
People should be deprived of the opportunity to express their cultural heritage


What does religious pluralism assume?

That all religions are to be respected, celebrated and understood as having intrinsic value for their believers


What is the issue with the overlap of multiculturalism and religious pluralism?

Hard to unpick which traditions and practices are culture and specifically religious


Where is FGM practised?

Some communities with cultural roots in Africa, the Middle East and Asia


What is forced marriage?

Forcing a young person or couple into a marriage without their consent


Why are FGM and forced marriage controversial?

FGM causes suffering and FM goes against the values of British society
Cultural expressions in specific religious communities
Its legality shouldn’t be dictated by the secular law but the particular religious community


How can we get a taste for culture in terms of food, dress, traditions, down religious practices?

Sharing festivals


How can Christians have a responsible attitude towards others?

Examine own faith and their attitude towards the faith of others


Why are religions appealing?

They offer absolute beliefs and moral principles
Explains the rise in fundamentalism