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qualifications to become president

be a natural born citizen
have to be 35 years old
lived in the US for 14 years


role of the VP

president of the senate
can play a role if the VP is sick
one heartbeat away from being pres
chosen because they can balance the ticket
aka strengthen their chance of winning


how the Pres is selected

major issue at constitutional convention
popular vote was scary at first
alexander hamilton suggest the idea of presidential electors


how do presidential electors work

each elector would be decided by the state
each elector would cast an electoral vote
this is how electoral college developed


how does VP election work

electors in the electoral college have a different vote for pres and VP
if someone doesnt get enough electorial votes in the election, then the house of reps will decide the outcome


Article 11

doesnt say that much
often seen as a board outline
never defines what executive power is
constitution allows the pres to command the military, make treaties, approve or veto acts of congress


two views on how a president views his power

stewardship theory: every pres is a protector of the american people and their interests
opposite view: can only use power that is specifically granted in the constitution


deecribe the presidents role with federal law

the promise to carry out federal law is the oath of office
constitution says pres must carry out federal law no matter of their view
up to the pres to interpret and focus on certain parts of the law because laws passed by congress are usually broad


explain executive orders

directive rules, regulations that have the effect of law
can be controversial
known as ordinance powers in the constitution
allows pres to use ordinance powers in order to enforce law


explain the presidents appointment power

can appoint ambassadors, federal judges, head of agencies, and cabinet members
senate has to approve
senate almost always approves


explain recess appointments

pres can make appt to an office if Congress is in recess
appt ends when that session of congress is over
allows pres to bypass congress to appoint who he wants
can be very controversial and no good to use
more common when the presidents party is not in control of senate


explain removal power

pres can remove anyone he appointed except for federal judges


explain executive privilege

allows pres to withhold info to congress and or federal courts
usually happens when the ores has a conversation or communication with his closest staff
Advisors must be able to talk to the pres and not worry about getting in trouble
congress almost always challenges it