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first amendment

guarantees the freedom of:
speech, religion, press, peaceably protest


second amendment

guarantees the right to bear arms (you can carry registered weapons)


third amendment

a person does not have to house soldiers in the time of peace


fourth amendment

no unlawful search and seizures
government must have probably cause to search you
government must have a search warrant


5th amendment

each person held by the police must be told of the charges against them (unless its a military case)
no DOUBLE JEOPARDY (cant be tried for the same crime twice)
you dont have to be a witness against yourself (I plead the fifth)
you can not have you life liberty or pursuit of happiness taken away from you without the due process of law
you cant have your private property taken away from you without proper compensation (Eminent Domain)


sixth amendment

all the people have the right to a speedy and public trial
all people have to an impartial jury in the district in which the crime was commited
all people have the right to confront the witnesses against them
all people have the right to have their own witnesses
all people have the right to a defense attorney


seventh amendment

you can have a jury trial in a civil case
civil court cases= lawsuits


eighth amendments

no excessive bail, fines, or cruel and unusual punishment


9th amendment

people are not limited by the rights just listed in the constitution
-This is the common sense amendment
- as an example, Title IX rules in schools, medical privacy
- Title IX boys and girls have the same rights (sports)
more girls went to college after this