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11th amendment

no state may be sued in a Federal Court by a resident of
another state or foreign country
For example, a person from New Jersey can not sue Pennsylvania
This is meant to strengthen state laws (10th amendment)
sue colorado for weed


12th amendment

The highest number of electors in the Electoral College shall be President (today it is 270 electoral cotes to win)
If the election is tied, the House of Representatives breaks the tie (each state in the House has one vote)
passed in 1804


13th amendment

no slavery or involuntary servitude (unless someone has been convicted of a crime)
Congress has a right to make sure this happens through time by passing the appropriate laws
this was passed in 1865



All people born in the US or naturalized to the US, are US citizens
No states can take away the rights of US citizens
All citizens have equal protection under the law
All citizens shall be counted equally for representation in the House of Representatives
Passed in 1868



The right to vote can not be taken away because of race, color, or previous conditions of life
This gives former slaves the right to vote
This was passed in 1870



congress can collect taxes from any source that income is earned
This was passed in 1913


17th amendment

The US senate shall be made up with two Senators from each state, who will each serve a six year term
Each state will elect their own Senators through popular election
If there is an opening in the Senate, the governor of the state can pick the replacement
passed in 1913