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How are pilgrims and puritans different?

-had left their houses and lands and crossed an ocean to worship God freely.
-Sailed on the Mayflower
-were a group of Anglicans who wanted to purify the state church from within by pushing for reforms that would rid England of Romanist influences and bring greater spiritual vitality to the nation.
-believed that God deals with mankind through a series of covenants, or agreements.
-believed that as a community they had made a social covenant with God to establish a model society ruled by God’s laws.
-did not believe salvation resulted from good works but that good works were the natural result of salvation.


What is the Great Awakening?

 The Great Awakening was a powerful social, political, and religious force that permanently altered the course of American history.
It lasted nearly 40 years, and was the first national movements.


What is the Quebec Act?

Quebec Act-which was directed at British Canada, not the thirteen colonies.  The Quebec Act set up a rigid political system, made Roman Catholicism the official religion of Quebec, and extended the territorial boundaries of Quebec southward to the Ohio River.


What is popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty, the idea that the ultimate source of governmental power lies in the people, is a constitutional principle that is evident in several areas of the Constitution.


Who are the Federalists/ Republicans?

-claimed to be the true keepers of the constitutional flame
-Merchants, bankers, manufacturers, professionals from New England and Atlantic coast
-Wanted British-style government run by wealthy elite
-Had little confidence in common man
-Favored strong central government
-Wanted high protective tariff
-Wanted national bank run by wealthy
-Thought national debt was good
-Wanted government spending on “internal improvements”
-Small farmers, small shopkeepers, frontier settlers, craftsmen from South and West
-Wanted democratic government of the people
-Suspicious of aristocrats
-Wanted no favors from government
-Wanted only a low revenue tariff
-Opposed national bank
-Viewed national debt as bad
-Thought government spending for “internal improvements” unconstitutional


What are the alien and sedition acts?

The Alien Acts gave the president greatly expanded powers to expel or imprison such undesirables. The Sedition Act not only outlined penalties for antigovernment activities such as riots but also made it illegal to speak or write anything “false, scandalous and malicious" against the government of the United States, or the President of the United States