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What was "America's Manifest Destiny"?

The belief or idea that America was providentially ordained to possess the North American continent


What was the greatest spur to America settlement of the Oregon territory?

Missionaries to the Indians


Why did the Texan settlers decide to fight for independence?

A Mexican army invaded Texas


Which trail was a trade route between Mexico and the United States?

Santa Fe Trail


Which state borders were settled as a result of negations with Britain?



Who was perhaps the hardest president in our nation's history before 1860?

James K. Polk


Why was Texas annexation by a joint resolution of Congress rather than by a formal treaty?

Tyler realized that he couldn't raise the 2/3 majority needed in the senate to ratify the treaty annexation


Explain the history of Texas independence from this chapter.

1. Texas defeated Santa Anna
2. Stephen F, Austin won independence with an army of only 800 men
3. Texas was known as the Republic of Texas when they won independence from Mexico


Essay: explain why travel on the western trails was dangerous for early settlers.

1. The routes were not well paved
2. Pioneers would sometimes have to leave belongings
3. Indian attacks
4. Broken transportation, specifically the axel
5. Animals/family dying
6. Sickness
7. Weather
8. Low on supplies


List the things that contributed to the Mexican War.

1. Mexican resentment over annexation of Texas
2. America's belief in the manifest destiny
3. Hostility between America and Mexico
4. The failure to reach a peaceful agreement
5. Dispute over the Texas and Mexico boundary


What dispute was the immediate cause of the Mexican War?

Dispute over the Texas and Mexico boundary


Which campaign was won by an American army of explorers, marines, and Calvary?

California Campaign


Which state was called the Bear Flag republic?



Why did California's revolt against American troops during the Mexican War?

The contempt and harsh treatment that some American soldiers has towards Spanish Californians


Which of the following events came last?
A. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
B. Gadsden Purchase
C. Annexation of Texas
D. Maine boundary settlement

B. Gadsden purchase


Compare and contrast Winfield Scott and Zachary Taylor.

They both are considered two of the most effective American military commanders, and were influential in the Mexican War.

Winfield Scott was more educated, masculine, had more authority, more strict, was a better strategist and lacked Taylor's warmth.
Zachary Taylor dressed sloppily, had undeniable bravery, and manner won him the devotion of his men.


Who was the explorer during/in the Bear Flag republic?

John Fremont


Who won in northern Mexico?

Zachary Taylor


What was the capture of an important Mexican port?

Vera Cruz


What campaign dealer with Santa Fe?

New Mexico Campaign


What campaign dealed with Buena Vista?

Northern Mexico Campaign


Who captured Mexico City?

Winfield Scott


Who captured New Mexico?

Stephen Kearny


What was the narrow American victory in northern Mexico against overwhelming odds?

Battle of Buena Vista


What is the Mexican cession of New Mexico and California?

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo