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Who was responsible for stirring European interest in China before the age of discovery? How did he do so?

Marco Polo, with his descriptive writings and vivid imagery


How did Columbus’s plan for reaching Asia differ from da Gama’s?

Christopher Columbus was going to sail west Neil he reached Asai( not knowing their was land in the way) and Da Gama sailed east from Africa and sailed to India.


What technological inventions helped sailors in their explora- tion and discovery of new lands?

Compass, Astrolabe, Caravel


What name was given to the economic system during the age of exploration and colonization whereby colonies were exploited for the benefits and wealth they could bring to the mother country?



What was Martin Luther’s main disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church?

He believed salvation was a free gift from God obtained by having faith in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.


What is a compass?

A device which enabled sailors to know in which direction they were heading.


What is an astrolabe?

A device which enabled them to determine their ship’s latitude on the ocean.


What is a caravel?

A small Portuguese ship similar to a tug boat


What are the two basic assumptions for Mercantilism?

1. Mercantilists believed that a nation’s wealth consisted of precious metals, especially gold.
2. Mercantilists were nationalists who believed that a country could increase its wealth by increasing its surplus of gold. For one nation to increase its wealth (gold), they thought, another country had to lose it. Mercantilism saw a world of winners and losers.


What did Bartolomeu Dias do?

sailed southward along the west coast of Africa and rounded its southern cape, which he optimistically called Good Hope.


Who reluctantly supported Christopher Columbus?

Queen Isabella


America was named after what man?

Amerigo Vespucci


What did Amerigo Vespucci do?

made at least two voyages to the Caribbean and South America.


True or False:Three years after Magellan’s fleet left Spain, the Victoria reached Seville, and sailed around the World



True or False: Only 14 of the original crew of 300 hundred were remained after they sailed the World.

False, it was 18 of the original 300.


What was John Calvin's belief on every vocation?

He believe every vocation was sacred


What type of people lived in South America?



What type of people lived in Central America?

Mayas and Aztecs


What type of people lived in North America?



How do historians believe Indians entered into the Western Hemisphere?

historians think that sometime after the Flood, the ancestors of the American Indians entered the Western Hemisphere there.


What determined the type of house Indians would live in?

It depended on their geographic environment.


What are the similarities between Indians and Europeans?

Indians and Europeans shared great interest in religion, although they had very different beliefs and approaches to it.


What are the similarities between Indian groups?

-similar physical characteristics (ex. Red skin)
-no written languages
-shared deep faith in the supernatural and had common beliefs about religion.


What are the differences between Indians and Europeans?

-The Europeans considered the Indians’ culture primitive.
-Europeans had well spoken and written language, they Indians did not have a written language.
-The Indians were less united than the Europeans.


What are the differences among the Indians?

-the various Indians spoke various language.


What are three basic groups of Indians and where were they located?

-Pueblo were in the Southwest
-Mound Builders were in the Midwest
-Eastern Woodland were in the Northeast


What are characteristics of Pueblo Indians?

-the word pueblo means "town"
-probably the first North American Indians the Spanish explorers met
-farmers who grew corn, squash, and beans
-lived in small villages with up to two or three clans


What are the characteristics of Mound Builder Indians?

-they grew squash, gourds, sunflowers, and even tobacco.
-large food supply sparked population growth
-lived in large dome shaped structures


What are the characteristics of Eastern Woodland Indians?

-Probably the first Indians the English, French, Dutch, and Swedish settlers encountered in the New World.
-women held an unusually degree of power
-contained the Five Civilized Tribes-Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles


What did Hernando Cortez do to the Aztec civilization?

Cortés marched to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán (modern Mexico City), where he captured Montezuma and eventually crushed the Aztec resistance.