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What is the Protestant Reformation and what year did it occur?

The movement led by Martin Luther; caused a spiritual reawakening of Europe; a result of Luther's realization that salvation was a free gift and Catholicism teachings were wrong. It occurred in the 1500's.


Who is Martin Luther?

German monk; initiated the Protestant Refimation. He believed salvation was a free gift from God obtained by having faith in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.


(Matching) Who is John Smith?

enforced the kind of discipline necessary for the survival of Jamestown.


(Matching) Who is Montezuma?

Aztec King who , after hearing of the Spanish arrival sent them gifts


(Matching) Who is Ferdinand Magellon?

determined that he could reach the Spice Islands of the East by sailing south around the Americas.


(Matching) Who is Hernando Cortez?

the first great conquistador;captured Montezuma and eventually crushed the Aztec resistance.


(Matching) Who is Francis Drake?

was a target because of bitterness over Catholic Spain’s military threat made Spanish New World


(Matching) Who is Juan Ponce de Leon?

Found Florida; was a Spaniard


(Matching) Who is Christopher Columbus?

Sailed east to reach Asai but instead discovered a New World. Was funded by Queen Isabella.


(Matching) Who is Walter Raleigh?

compiled for Queen Elizabeth a list of arguments favoring the colonization of North America. Supported both expeditions to Roanoke Island.


(Matching) Who is Hernando de Soto?

Discovered the Mississippi River


What is Mercantilism?

the economic system during the age of exploration and colonization whereby colonies were exploited for the benefits and wealth they could bring to the mother country. It stands on two beliefs: 1. a nation’s wealth consisted of precious metals, especially gold. 2. A country can influence it wealth by taking the precious metals from other countries.


What is the Mayflower Compact?

bound the settlers into a “civill body politick” by which they agreed to submit to the laws and the duly elected leadership of the colony. The first type of self government in America.


What is a charter colony?

A colony specifically governed by a trade company that received its authorization from the king.


What is a royal colony?

A colony controlled directly by the King


What is a proprietary colony?

A colony that the king appointed a proprietor or proprietors to govern a colony.


What is the Half-Way Covenant?

Church members who had not owned the covenant but whose lives were outwardly moral could present their children for baptism. It served only to increase the number of unregenerate church members.


What are the Fundament Orders of Conneticut?

the first written constitution in America; established a framework for representative self-government in Connecticut. 


What is indenture?

A work contract.


What is a covenant?

legally binding relationship with God


Who is William Penn?

A Quaker in Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania was his by product. Supported separation of church and state.


Who is Henry Hudson?

Claimed New York for the Dutch and called it New Netherlands


Who is John Winthrop?

governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.


What was the purpose of Massachusetts Bay colony?

was to be a Christian community in the most thorough sense of both of those words—Christian and community. Every member of the community—pastor and pa- rishioner alike—would contribute to the success of the whole.


What is Harvard College?

was established near Boston to train young men for the ministry.


What is the House of Burgesses?

lifting of martial law and the granting of full rights to the colonists led to the formation of a representative assembly;first self-governing assembly in the New World.


What is the Great Wagon Road?

an old Iroquois Indian trail through the wilderness;the chief access to backcountry settlements from Virginia to Georgia


What is "colonial style"?

Also known as Williamsburg style; the then century-old English Tudor-style construction.


What are puritans?

a group of Anglicans who wanted to purify the state church from within by pushing for reforms that would rid England of Romanist influences and bring greater spiritual vitality to the nation.


What are pilgrims?

Came to America on the mayflower; They had left their houses and lands and crossed an ocean to worship God freely.