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A tube used to inject embalming fluid into the blood vascular system.

- Note: Can be straight or curved.

- 3 types of connections:
- Threaded
- Slip Type
- Luer Lock

Arterial Tube (Cannula)


An embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels.

- Various designs

Aneurysm Hook


An embalming instrument that is used for blunt dissection and in raising vessels, which has an eye in the hook portion of the instrument for placing ligatures around the vessels.

Aneurysm Needle


An embalming instrument whose purpose is to hold arterial tubes in the arteries.

Arterial Fixation Forceps (Two or three hole clamp)


An embalming instrument used to maintain the elevation of the vessels above the surface of the skin.

- Plastic or wood with a wax covering
- Used to be made out of bone

Bone Separator


Tubular instrument of varying diameter and shape, preferably with a plunger, that is inserted into a vein to aid in drainage of blood and to restrict the exit of vascular embalming fluid.

Drainage Tube


Instrument used to guide vein tubes into vessels.

Groover Director


An embalming instrument used to clamp vessels.
- Can be straight or curved

Hemostats (Lock Forceps)


Preparation room item used to inject embalming chemicals and tissue builder into the body tissues.
- The lower the number on the needle, the thicker the gauge.

Hypodermic Syringe and Needle


Embalming instrument used to aspirate the throat by means of the nostrils.

Nasal Tube Aspirator


Preparation room instrument used to hold suturing needles and keep them in good condition; or instrument used to hold a suturing needle while suturing.

Needle Holder


A mechanical device used to impel specially designed metal pins into bone.
- The metal pins are a supply, this is an instrument.

Needle Injector


Preparation room instrument used to shave both male and female cases.



A general purpose embalming instrument which is primarily used to spread incisions and to afford more working room. It can also be used as an aid in eye cap insertion.



Usually a two-piece, sometimes a one-piece embalming instrument consisting of a handle and a blade used to make incisions and excisions.

- The disposable ones are supplies



An embalming instrument used for cutting arteries and veins to enable insertion of the arterial tubes into the arteries and drain tubes into the veins.
- Straight, curved, and bandage (safest).

Scissors (Artery and Vein)


A multi-purpose embalming instrument commonly used for holding cotton swabs, wiping out and disinfecting the eyes, restoration treatment and closing the eyes.

Spring Forceps


An embalming instrument commonly used on arterial tubes to stop the flow of fluid.

- Perpendicular - Closed
- Parallel- Open

Stop Cock


Preparation room instruments which are used to close cuts and incisions by suturing with ligature.
- 3 Designs
- S-shape
- Half Moon
- J-shape

Suture Needles


The safest needle. Does not leave a clean suture.

S-shape Suture Needle


Has the neatest suture, but is the most dangerous needle.

Half-Moon Suture Needle


Has benefits the other two types of needles.

J- Shaped Suture Needle


Clip device used to hold a towel in place for cosmetic application. Usually positioned around the neck.

Towel Clamps


Sharply pointed surgical instrument used in cavity embalming to aspirate the cavities and inject cavity fluid. This may also be used for supplemental hypodermic embalming.

- Various sizes, including small (for infants).



Preparation room instrument used to insert trocar buttons into trocar punctures created when the trocar is inserted into the body. (This does not go inside the body).

Trocar Button Applicator


An embalming instrument which allows the removal of blood from the body without using the conventional drain tube.

Drainage Forceps


An instrument that is relatively east to insert into the vein. The center of the instrument opens (expands) to vein and the opposite end allows for a tube to connect which allows the bodily fluids to be directed away from the operator and down the drain.

Vein Expander


An embalming instrument which is connected to a bottle of cavity fluid into the various cavities of the body.
- The tube is attached to the trocar
- This is not he same as the gravity injector.

Cavity Injector

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