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A hole is made with a sharpened trocar two inches to the left and two inches above the umbilicus.

Point of Entry- Trocar


- If the trocar cannot penetrate the abdomen, then it is too dull to use inside the body cavities.
- If the hole is made by an instrument other than a trocar, then the trocar will not fit snugly into the hole, thus a decrease in the vacuum and a decrease in suction power.

Considerations when using the trocar


Direct trocar point toward the intersection of the fifth intercostal space and the left mid-axillary line.
- Continue until the trocar enters the stomach.

Locating the Stomach- trocar


Brown coffee ground consistency with acrid odor- sour smell.

Stomach Aspiration contents


Direct the trocar point toward a point one-fourth of the distance from the right anterior- superior iliac spine to the pubic synthesis.
- Keep point of trocar well up near abdominal wall until within four inches of right anterior- superior iliac spine.
- Then dip the point two inches and insert it forward into colon.

Locating the Cecum- trocar


Yellow fecal matter.

Cecum Aspiration Contents


Direct the trocar toward intersection of median line and pubic bone (the synthesis pubis), keeping it well up toward abdominal wall until it touches the bone.
- Then withdraw about one-half inch
- Then dip the point slightly and insert it.

Locating the Bladder- trocar


The fibrocartilage that joints the two pubic bones in the median plane.

Pubic Symphysis


Direct the trocar along a line from the left anterior-superior iliac spine to the lobe of the right ear.
- Keep the point up against the cavity wall until it has pierced the diaphragm.
- Then dip it downward and insert it into the heart.

Locating The Right Atrium (right side of the heart) - Trocar


Dark venous blood.

Right side of the heart - Aspiration contents


A bony protuberance, that can be palpated topographically, found in the ilium, the superior, broad portion of the hipbone; the origin of the inguinal ligament and the sartorius muscle.

Anterior Superior Iliac Spine


Direct the trocar point along an imaginary line first high and then low toward the center of both the right and left clavicle bones.

Locating the Right and Left Lung- Trocar


Clear or red foam or frothy white; no odor

Right and Left Lung Aspiration Contents


Yellow Bubbles.

Bladder Aspiration Contents


Enter cranial trocar, well lubricated, into the left nostril until it touches the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone.
- Exert pressure until trocar penetrates the cranial cavity and enters the brain.

Locating the Brain- Trocar


Clear fluid; may contain small specks of tissue with no odor. May be creamy white.

Brain Aspiration Contents


Why use the left anterior hair for brain aspiration?

Viewing is on the right side of the body.


Deep red colored fluid. (from blood cells).

Liver Aspiration Contents

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